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hi really dim question I expect but my husband loaded loads of albums on my ipod touch that I really don't want - how can I delete single albums to free up memory for the ones I do want.

dell, Windows 2000
  • John Guo Level 5 (5,260 points)
    You can either delete them from your iTunes library and the next time you sync, the content will be deleted from your iPod. Or you can choose to manually manage your music (the option to do that is on the iPod preference when you plug your iPod in the computer). If you do manually manage, you can click on the triangle next to the iPod icon in iTunes, after you plug it in. Go to the library of your iPod and find the songs and delete them. This option is god if you don't want to delete the songs from your iTunes and only from the iPod.
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    Hi Every time I sync my iPod it deletes all the music and photos I previously loaded in to it. What should I do to prevent this?