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Hello all..i just got the iphone 3G last week and have been playing around ever since..With my blackberry it took me 5 minutes to set up my AOL email account and my College email account..

With the iphone the aol account was a breeze but im having trouble with my school email..I am not sure as to what the email server is..I talked to someone that runs the email and stuff here and they said the incoming email server was mailbox.student.wpunj.edu....

This is what i have...
email - deuirej@student.wpunj.edu

Username - deuirej
password - password
description - Wpu mail(william paterson university)
then it asks for server - i punch in mailbox.student.wpunj.edu

Then the iphone says that it was unable to verify certificate...or exchange account verification failed..i know the post is long but i want to figure this out..

thanks in advance

Dell, Windows XP