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How do I clear my iTunes library (but not delete my music files) and re-import again?

Background: When I did a "security update" last week, my Powerbook would not start up afterwards. I was forced to re-install the Mac OS X. I also installed and upgraded iTunes. I was using 7.x before and am now using 8.1

At first, no music showed in iTunes. So I copied all music files to the new location: Bill/Music/iTunes.

When I opened iTunes for the first time after copying my files, first it gave an error message that there was not enough hard drive space. I have 2 G free and 20G of music files. However, it seemed to go ahead and import them, and never actually used up the hard drive space.

After importing 500 files, it gave another error message, (which I should have written down) The problem is that it stopped importing before all songs had been imported.

Question: How do I clear my list of songs? I would then check my music files, make sure they are all in iTunes, then try importing again. (I've imported my songs from my CDs, not purchased from music store)

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Powerbook Titanium, 1G, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    If I understand correctly what you are trying to do I would go to the itunes folder and take the two library files and move them to the trash. iTunes will make a new blank library when it cannot find the files. Alternatively if you hold down the option key while starting itunes you can create a new library.

    Note in general that 2GB is very low free hard drive space for running OSX and is inviting a hard drive crash. OSX needs lots of room to run and makes lots of temporary files. On my computer I routinely leave at least 18GB free for OSX to do what it wants. I would never leave less than 5GB.

    [Problems from insufficient RAM and free hard disk space|http://www.thexlab.com/faqs/lackofram.html]
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    Thank you for your help. The option key was the easiest to use, to create a new library. I first looked through my music, found some duplicates, removed some folders, and it worked the 2nd time.

    I'm not convinced on the 5 Gig free space needed. I read the article, it was good, but the reason it suggested leaving 5 G available was; In case you need to re-install OS X. The rest were specific cases. It should give you an error message if you're running low on hard drive space. If you want to copy a CD, yes, you need room, but it would give a message. If you're using FileVault, OK, but I'm not. That article seemed like it was written by a rich person, "Just buy more, it'll be better." He probably drives a 4 wheel drive, too, "because you never know when you might need it." I did a search on that title and found an Entourage article that recommends a minimum of 1G free space.

    Thank you for volunteering your time and helping people.
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    I'm not convinced on the 5 Gig free space needed.

    If you post a topic on the Tiger forum entitled "I have 5GB free on my HD, is that enough?" you will get flooded with responses, and I bet I know what they will be.

    Glad you got the other thing sorted out.