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I am trying to create a work flow that keeps me from bogging down my hours with rendering. I am currently sending out sequences to an xsan server and then dropping them in compressor to be rendered and sent out as what ever I need. My question is if I could get FCS to automate this process by say, exporting files to a folder on the xsan that I have a watcher on that brings it to compressor and some how then compressor does its thing and always spits it out the same video formats to another file on the xsan which has a watcher that then brings it back to me. can I get Final Cut Server to work that way with compressor?
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    So short answer is yes you can get Final Cut Server (FCSvr) to handle a lot of this automation for you.

    Here's an approach that you can start to look at.

    1. From within Final Cut Pro (FCP), export a quicktime reference movie of you sequence to a folder on that Xsan that is setup as a device and being watched by FCSvr.

    2. That watcher can have for example the following automations.
    Copy to Library
    Convert to H.264 for iPod
    Convert to MPEG-2 etc
    Send me and email when done.

    Note: If you're note leveraging a Qmaster Quick Cluster, definitely start doing so.

    Hope this helps.