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Stephen Dawson1 Level 1 (5 points)
Hi all. I'm having an interesting (and frustrating!) problem with colour and scanning...

I have a new Brother mfc-9840cdw, and am scanning across the network using it. I find that on some Macs black text and gray shading has a distinct green cast both on the screen and when printed back to the mfc. My main iMac screen has been profiled using a Spyder2 Express, and has this green problem. However, on a Macbook Pro (MBP) scans are the correct colour and print properly. Interestingly, if I take a jpg file produced via a scan on the MBP, open it in Preview on my iMac then print it in colour, it takes on the green cast. Conversely, if I take a file produced by the iMac and print it on the MBP, it prints properly. Same file, same drivers, same settings, everything. This has me really confused! I can't see how the same file can print differently to the same printer using the same driver. I've tried Brother colour and Colorsync colour in the driver settings, all to no avail.

I notice that in the "Adjust image" settings for the TWAIN driver, there are options to use a colorsync profile "Brother sRGB profile". This doesn't help either. A profile never gets embedded in a resultant jpg file, according to Preview.

Any ideas why I'm seeing this weird behaviour?

Aluminium iMac 24" 3.06GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.6)