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    OK. This is how my problem was solved with the battery for my white MacBook. To recap -- the original problem can be found here from last year.


    In summary of the problem--MacBook wouldn't turn on without the powercord plugged in.


    We first took it to an authorized Apple reseller called Sunrise Electronics in Chambersburg, Pa., assuming it would be cheaper there than going to the nearest Apple Store, in Columbia, Md., which is more than an hour away.


    The Pennsylvania store charged us $75 for a diagnostic test to confirm what we already knew -- the battery wasn't charging because of a faulty connection of some sort, and when the powercord wasn't connected, the laptop wouldn't power on. They insisted we get a battery even though we knew it wouldnt' work. We went through that routine and then returned the battery since our new battery was fine at the time and of course, the battery didn't resolve the issue. To their credit, they did replace a key that fell off and a crack in the casing that was covered under warranty for free.


    They said the logic board needed replaced, costing about $500 or so. Discouraged, I lived for awhile with an immobile laptop, always having to be connected to a cord.


    Months later, now back in September, I had to visit an Apple Store for them to replace the back casing on my work-issued iPhone and figured I might as well bring the MacBook.


    I wish I did this in the first place.


    The Geek test showed that the fix could be as simple as a cord that connects the logic board from the power adapter jack--a cheap $25 part plus a little bit of labor.


    If it didn't do the trick, they wouldn't charge us and offer us to then replace anything that needed replaced for a flat rate of $250. That was a steal knowing what the alternatives were in real cost.


    They replaced the logic board, even gave it a new battery and maybe something else, too, but boy, did I strike the lottery. The folks working on the laptop neglected to provide an itemized work order and they have no clue what they did, so they didn't know what to charge.


    So they didn't charge -- FREE.


    Now, I doubt that last part will happen to you all, but I highly encourage you to just visit the Apple store (make an appointment first) if it's within a reasonable drive and sit through any sort of long wait, to get the test and take their flat-rate offer.

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    That's how they fixed the issue for me. I got to send my MacBook in for the flat rate "Refurbish" program ($200 -- $280, I can't remember) and they replaced the logic board, display, bezel, and inverter (display was having issues where it went black when the lid was half closed). If they do the diagnostics and find that the battery, the cable from the logic board to the battery, and the MagSafe board aren't causing the charging problems (assuming your adapter is working w/out stuck pins), then sending it in for the refurbish program is the best alternative.


    A quote for replacing just the logic board on my 08 was about $500, so the flat rate program was worth it. They do ship the computer out to a repair facility so it may take a week or two to get it back, but it's definitely worth the money if you can live without your MacBook for that time.


    dcapster: It sounds like your battery might be rejecting charge from the power supply and may need replacement. Considering how your battery only has 168 cycles, it is under the expected battery lifetime of 300 cycles. You could probably take your MacBook to the Genius Bar (if you have one nearby) and ask them to run diagnostics on the battery. If the battery died prematurely without any cause from you, they would probably replace it. If you don't have an Apple Store nearby, you could try and find someone you know with an 06-08 MacBook to test your battery in.

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    I have an apple store close by. I could pop in one day. A little more info, I cycled the battery a few times this week cause it was down for a charge. Then I let it die completely for 3 days. I'm wondering if it lost its brains and now the macbook says replace and won't charge?

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    I have a similar problem with my "older" macbook pro model #A1226.  In the past it has been left for the battery to fully discharge by my children, but with a little coaxing, it would eventually come back to life.  This time, I've tried all of the items in the previous post, but it still won't boot.  Whether the battery is in it or not, the magsafe adapter has a solid green light.  I know the adapter works, as I use it to charge my other macbook.  But I really need this one to boot.  Any suggestions?

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    Hi, i just saw ur comment regarding changing battery terminals. On a macbook pro 13 inch im pretty sure its atttached to the logic board. Do u know how i could fix this? Any help would be really appreciated.

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    Me too. I have a broken charger (85v) and a still working MacBook. The battery won't charge.

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    Have you got another battery?

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    I have two 2007 MacBook2.1 's and a newer 2009 MacBook4.1,  the 4,1 has a battery with 834 cycles on it that still works and has been working well yet been reporting "change soon" sine it passed 300 or so. The other 2 were scarcely ever used and have counts under 200 (186 and 147 cycles) yet they are both seriously dead as door nails.


    Like all other sorts of cheap, Asian-slave built tool end equipment battery packs, most of them are just no good.

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    I have three old Macbooks -two- 2,1's and one- 4,1. All original battery packs (4) I have had have had a 66% failure rate under 200 cycles. Only one (the one that came with the 4,1 in 2009 has lasted to a ripe old 780 cycles and is still going. Take your defective battery to a reputable American (or local) professional battery rebuilder (like Interstate Batteries) and they will give you guaranteed refurbished ones or repair yours for you with quality parts.


    The two I got rebuilt by Interstate (for less than half the price of a "new" dice-throw) are still running strong at 420 and 560 cycles.


    Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is Einstein's definition of insanity.

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    I'm having the same problem. I have not used my MacBook Pro for a couple months now, since my power adapter/ charger broke and could not buy one until now. I plugged it in and it would just stay green even after leaving it to charge for an hour or so. It turns on and everything works fine, it just won't charge.

    Here is the battery info:

    Model Information:

      Serial Number:          9G0460936D3NB

      Manufacturer:          DP

      Device name:          bq20z451

      Pack Lot Code:          0000

      PCB Lot Code:          0000

      Firmware Version:          0201

      Hardware Revision:          0002

      Cell Revision:          0164

      Charge Information:

      Charge remaining (mAh):          0

      Fully charged:          No

      Charging:          No

      Full charge capacity (mAh):          5018

      Health Information:

      Cycle count:          296

      Condition:          Normal

      Battery Installed:          Yes

      Amperage (mA):          0

      Voltage (mV):          8754

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    I've been plagued with the same problem over the past week.

    Tried every possible solution I found online.

    I was about to check-in with a technician to see if it was an internal problem, when I tought of cleaning the battery terminals. After brushing the terminals of the battery and of the computer with a small brush, my battery is charging once again.

    Hope that helps.

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    Subject - Am I crazy?


    Hey everybody!  I admittedly just skipped to the last post so if someone already made this comment sorry folks.


    I'm having the same problem with a 6-7 year old Macbook where when I use my brother's power cord from his 2012 Macbook Air, (the newer one with the cyclindrical head), my battery icon on the upper left of my screen shows power is hooked up but it's "not charging" the battery.  But here is the weird thing and what I was wondering if anybody else has come across... This problem has been a constant for me for a while.  But when I use an older Macbook power cord, the one that came with the Macbook originally, the battery charges as it should when the cord is plugged in. It works FINE, no dead battery, it's GOOD.  But if I switch to the newer cord from the 2012 Macbook Air, it doesn't work.  Now I'm not a technical guru so you can tell me this is nuts, but this is exactly what is happening for me repeatedly 7 days a week, ever week, repeatedly for the last 3 months.  With the 7 year old version of the power cord, battery charges, with the newer, 2012, different version of the power cord, battery won't charge.  ???????


    Unfortunately now I'm screwed because that one old power cord that was working for me got destroyed thanks to my young cat and her annoying teething habits and now all I have to use is the newer cord which of course won't charge my battery and I assume when I buy a replacement power cord, which will be the same as the newer Macbook Air cord I can't get to work, I'll still be unable to charge my battery.  So I guess now I'm in all of your boats and I'll be reading the last 13 pages of this thread really carefully to try and solve my problem when using the newer cords...

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    Me again...  Seems I should have read the earlier pages of posts, the last page of posts held the answer to my dilemma and confusion over my older Macbook power cord charging my battery and a newer cord not charging my battery.  It was mentioned that the Macbook Air power cord isn't powerful enough to charge certain Macbooks.  I was trying to get a 2012 Macbook Air power cord to power my 7 year old Macbook and ran into that not charging problem.  Glad I read that earlier post, now I know to buy the more powerful Macbook Pro power cord when I replace the old Macbook cord that I had been successfully using before it got destroyed recently. 

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    I have "not charging" as everyone else. I am however in the strange situation that despite going through the three "reset" procedures of power management without any success, have a macbook which lets the battery run to zero charge and THEN first when the computer turns itself off, begins to charge. I cannot use the macbook without a battery as the screen only gives a brief flicker but does not start up. I have read all thirteen pages (on battery power each time) of your sad stories and did not find anyone with my problem. It sounds like my own power supply is at fault not being able to deliver enough power to both charge and also run the book. Hence I have ordered another (forth one in ten years - like tyres on a car) power supply. The present one from Kensington lasted the longest (and still works to some extent) but those from Apple failed relatively quickly (two years was the longest any of those things lasted). It may take a week for the power supply to arrive in which time I have to work with the thought that at any time the screen will just go blank and I will have lost whatever it is I am doing. Then I have to wait (overnight) until I can again have a dash at trying to check emails and find forums to ask how to get over this problem. The pins on the Magsafe are all ok, the battery connections have been cleaned and as I said above the three resets have been done. I did also try to switch to another disk and it also gave the "not charging" message above, but at one point this went to "charged" and I thought that one of the many fiddles I had done had worked so I went back to my original hardisk to reboot and am again left with Not charging. Back to the external disk and it too is again at Not charging. This occupies lots of my time but then people all over the world are doing exactly the same - it is what we come to expect today - things that just don't work. My advice to others if they wish to have something which works - buy a Swiss Army Knife - this is the ONLY thing I have ever bought in my life which actually does work - I use it almost every day (expecially since I have a macbook - to open the battery for example you just don't turn a knob - you need a tool, or coin and who has coins in this day and age?) I wonder do they sell shares....I hope that someone can advise me since the post from Germany is not something which can be relied upon. I could buy another powersupply here in Portugal and when (if) the other turns up then take it back and get my cash again, but I did that before (successfully while waiting for my ebay replacement) and I don't like to abuse the generous service the people here give.