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NickToye Level 1 Level 1
I have XP SP2 and Bootcamp 2.1 installed.

When I try and pair a wireless keyboard/mouse it finds them, but then they don't work, and when I exit the Bluetooth Device screen, and go back they are not there - so in essence it is forgetting that I have paired the devices.

Any ideas?

iMac Intel 24", Mac OS X (10.5.4)
  • Johnnay Level 1 Level 1
    Hi - same problem here, but in Vista. I've tried two mice (msft bluetooth 5000 and logitech v470) with similar results. Actually on the logitech it can't even find it.

    Not a h/w issue, as the devices connect fine in Mac OsX. It appears Apple bluetooth drivers for windows are the culprit - perhaps an update is warranted? How about it Apple??
  • Adrian Bolt Level 1 Level 1
    I also have XP SP2 and Bootcamp 2.1 installed. My problem is with Sony DR-BT30Q bluetooth headphones. They Pair okay but will not connect. I've tried rePairing and looking around in the Bluetooth and Sound Control Panels without finding a solution. Now I cannot think of what else to try. Does a bluetooth device need to have some driver or profile downloaded?
  • Sev(JX) Level 1 Level 1
    I also have MS's Bluetooth 500 mouse and it wouldn't connect for me either. I called MS and the guy had me share my screen with him so he could physically see what was happening. When he discovered that I changed settings in services he asked why I did so, and when I told him 'Your website told me to do that' he didn't believe me. He then said my problem was with Apple since I was on a MacBook, and I needed to call them and let them know that there is no connections available, and my mouse wasn't being discovered. He said that when I changed the settings I lost whatever connections I had previously had, even though I changed them because I lost the connections in the first place.

    Once I figure out how to fix this I will post again and let you all know. :]
  • Peter Hillman Level 4 Level 4
    Yes, I have the same problem as well. XP Pro SP3 under Boot Camp. I cannot pair the alum wireless keyboard. The mighty mouse pairs fine; however, it won't automatically connect when you boot camp back into Windows later.

    Bluetooth wizard sees the keyboard, but it won't let me type in a passkey. Always says time expired. It won't work without a passkey either.

    So since I am only using XP Pro to play old vintage games that no longer run on the Mac, I just plug in a USB keyboard/mouse instead.
  • Sev(JX) Level 1 Level 1
    I cheated and installed Windows 7 RC. ^.^

    But something you can do is:

    Click on the Start menu
    In the search bar look up 'Services'
    Open up Services
    Double click 'Bluetooth Services'
    In the 'Log On' tab check to see if 'Local Service' or 'Use This Account' is highlighted

    If 'Local Service' is selected then you're SOL and you're best bet is to re-install Windows. That's what was selected on mine and no matter what Account I set it to Bluetooth would not work. I even tried re-installing the Apple drivers from the OS X disc.

    But if 'Use This Account' is selected than I would look into the normal Bluetooth settings, as the problem is most likely there. You can also call MS and have them screen share with you, the guy I talked to said if 'Use This Account' was selected he could do more for me.

    Anyways hope this helped a bit.
  • Peter Hillman Level 4 Level 4
    Solved my wireless problem! First, I deleted both the Mouse and Keyboard from Mac OS X. Then I rebooted to Windows XP with a USB keyboard and mouse connected. I paired the mouse first. When Windows advised me that a Bluetooth device was seeking permission, I clicked the balloon to allow a connection. Then I entered four zeros for the passkey. Mouse done.

    I searched for the keyboard and and let Windows choose the passkey. I waited for the text to appear in bold, asking me to type in the passkey. It worked! The keyboard paired successfully. So both the wireless keyboard and mouse work in Windows XP.

    When I booted back to the Mac, it could not find the mouse. I toggled the power on the mouse and it found it and paired it. The keyboard paired automatically. So the keyboard and mouse also work in Mac OS X now.