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I have a frustrating dilemma that I am hoping to find assistance for. I offer computer support to a small rural community. Most of the people here are elderly and using dial-up access or a very slow DSL service.

Here is my frustration - my computer is Linux, my Mac is an older very slow G3 that mostly sits in the corner. I would love to use my Linux computer to download all of the Apple/Mac updates for my clients but the latest versions of iTunes and Safari are inaccessible because the Apple link will not let me access downloads for Mac (for some inexplicable reason it thinks that I am on a Windows computer).

So where can I find a legitimate download link for the latest versions of iTunes and Safari?

This morning I've downloaded almost 1GB of updates for clients I will be seeing over the next few days but I won't be able to update either iTunes or Safari.

Any assistance is much appreciated.

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