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Two problems: one, when I click a on a song in my library linking to the iTunes store, I get an "unknown error" message 3004 (the link does not direct to the item in the store). This occurs with every track in my library. It never used to do this.

Second, album artwork is no longer downloading for any cd I import. Songs purchased from iTunes do download artwork properly.

Sony VAIO VGC-RA710G, Windows XP, iTunes version
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    YEEEES I'm having the same problem as yours too! Help meeee!
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    Same here.
    This is a very recent problem (not more than 3 weeks)

    1) 3004 error when connecting to iTunes Store via arrow links
    2) no longer able to get album artwork - iTunes replies the arwork cannot be found, even with music I bought on the iTunes Store. (I removed the artwork to test it..)

    I am using iTunes 7.5
    Does anybody with iTunes 8+ have this problem as well ?
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    I found the problem not to be there in versions 8+

    but i wish to remain with version 7.5 since i don't use all the extra features (which only make itunes heavier)

    is there anybody around with version 7.5 or 7.6 who has this same problem ?

    ( i.e. right-clicking "get album artwork" on a song yielding "artwork could not be found, and the itunes store giving error 3004 when clicking on the itunes store arrows )
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    I Have itunes 7.6 and the same problem, i get the 3004 error meaasge. Haven't changed ANYTHING on my computer settings so I have a nasty feeling it it a way to force us to update to 8.0 version!! Which I don't want to do. I'm surprised there are not more people out there with the same issue, or does everyone update? Please help us someone.
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    Has there been a SOLVE to this error message (3004) ?? I am tired of having to purchase new OSX versions just to get all that I need to function can they just leave well enough alone.

    Back to the error message if there is a solve please share the knowledge
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    it's great to know there's a place you can ask questions of apple and no one answers them! same problem here no art work... no connection to the itunes store. the only consolation i have is that i'm not the only schmuck out here with this problem. maybe we should all go to the new napster for 5 bucks a month and tell apple to kiss off.
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    rlamm225, this is a user chat board. If you want to ask iTS support a question, you have to contact them.