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  • David Babsky Level 6 Level 6 (14,175 points)
    Great - glad you got it fixed, and thanks for explaining how.

    But I don't understand where your "..HD:Library:QuickTime:.." folder is.

    D'you mean "Library/QuickTime/HD"..? And if so, d'you mean your own "<yourusername>/Library/QuickTime/HD" in your 'Home' folder, or the main "(hard disc)/Library/QuickTime/HD" or the "(hard disc)/System/Library/QuickTime" folder?

    Sorry to be a nuisance, but as there are so many "/Library" folders in OS X it's useful to know which one!

    Thanks again..
  • Colin Holgate Level 5 Level 5 (4,320 points)
    By HD:Library:QuickTime, I meant Hard Drive (as in the root level of your boot volume), then :Library:QuickTime: was just using olde Macintosh path delimiters, rather than using DOS or Unix delimiters. In other words, I mean the global Library/QuickTime folder, not the one for a particular user.
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