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  • Kev C Level 2 (345 points)

    I've asked Apple technical Support twice for the RAM issue in past few days, both times they told me that for the optimal performance of the early 2009 new 8-core Mac Pro, you'd better install RAM in the set of three!

    That means you buy 1 set of 3 identical RAMs or 2 sets of 3 identical RAMs based on you preference, needs or budget.

    For years, I've used for my mac upgrades, it's a very reliable vendor, never get me into trouble for going with their recommendations and items.

    the best regards,

  • J24Keys Level 1 (25 points)
    I have 12GB (6x2GB) of OWC ram and Im having a problem. Two of these sticks read as 1GB without ECC, which in turn disabled the ECC feature all together. I got the two replaced and now Logic crashes shortly after using and stalls at times. I've only noticed this under 10.5.7. I tried all types of placement configurations and there seems to be a problem. When I use Apple's recommended configuration, Leopard freezes at the boot screen..yet it at least completes booting with my alternate configuration. Frustrating

    I wonder if it could be the mac hardware. But I now have logic running in the background as I write type this post, using Apple's stock ram. Makes me regret I didn't get the 12GB initially.

    Anyone else having problems?
  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)
    Even though yours may sound like a "+1" me-too, I'd start your own thread. And get advice for your setup.

    Tests of dual-channel mode and triple actually don't show that much difference, and even harder to see in benchmarks, less in actual real world use.

    But you need to take what you bought from OWC, and return it in full for replacement; for a new kit; store credit even.

    Otherwise, you have incompatible DIMMs, and you shouldn't have to test every possible configuration. There aren't that many ways to place it, but you may have two DIMMs that just don't get along if they are together.

    Apple Hardware Test has some value, as does REMBER/Memtest.

    At least you know now that Apple RAM works and 3rd party does not. I agree on Crucial, though I've seen where changes to Apple hardware or specs even under the hood, have resulted in variations and where Crucial failed. RAM is or can be very different from build to build, and is also very dependent on what or how Apple has programmed their firmware.

    You can run with one DIMM, or four DIMMs.

    I assume you tried with just OWC and without any Apple RAM, to rule out a conflict between the two.
  • J24Keys Level 1 (25 points)
    Turns out that OWC Ram is a problem when using more than 8GB. I bought 16GB(8x2GB) and my Mac Pro never got past the boot screen. It booted fine with 8GB of OWC, but some programs crash, especially Logic 8 and Live 8. When I reinstalled Apple's stock ram, all the problems went away. I'd hold off from OWC if you plan on using more than 8GB for pro apps.

    I will try Crucial as soon as I get a refund from OWC. Hopefully I won't be forced to consider Apple ram at a ridiculous $100 per 2GB.

    Is anyone else using more than 16GB??

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  • Dion Cheong Level 1 (5 points)
    I have 8 gigs of RAM from OWC and they work great.
  • J24Keys Level 1 (25 points)
    Once you start using 12GB and better of OWC, you will experience Kernel Panics and lose the ability to boot until you put Apple's Ram Back or decrease the ram to 10 GB or less. I have proven OWC has an issue because Apple's ram hasn't caused one hiccup yet. In fact, OWC gave me refund with no restocking fee, because they know they are at fault.

    I appreciate their company and have been a long standing customer, but right now, I can't get their 16gb bundle to work, even after DIMM replacements. For those who didn't buy yet, get as much ram as you need from Apple upon purchasing, or else you will face high cost analysis like me.
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