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I cant seem to access the iTunes store today. I try to rent a movie and the "Accessing iTunes Store" comes on the screen and never connects. Anyone else have this issue today?

Macbook 1.83, Apple TV 160, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    can the appletv access other internet apps? (youtube, movie trailers etc)
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    Yes, I can access other internet functions such as trailers and Youtube.

    One other thing, the "Accessing iTunes Store" never times out.
  • Chenks Level 5 Level 5 (7,420 points)
    just to rule it out, are you connected via wifi or ethernet ? try connecting via the other way to rule out network issues.

    have you tried rebooting the appletv ?
    have you tried logging out and back in of the itunes store on the appletv? (in settings)

    it could also possibly be that the itunes store in your region currently has issues.
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    Thanks for the reply's. I would guess that the iTunes server in my region must be having issues. I tried to logout and log back in and I still get the "Accessing iTunes Store" on screen but it never logs in.
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    Chenks - I decided to reboot and now it works fine. Thanks for the help.
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    I had a problem anytime I tried to buy download using apple tv, it stuck on the "accessing iTunes store" screen just as many of you are complaining about.

    I could download a movie on my computer and sync it, but not directly on the apple tv. I tried holding menu and the down or "-" key on my apple tv remote for 5 seconds, ran diagnostics...everything was fine. I then did it again, and selected "restart apple TV" that didn't work. I then did it again and did a total "factory restore"...that didn't work.

    I could download trailors fine, and I have a good highspeed connectio (12mps). So I figured this is an issue with iTunes. I checked my billing info, it was correct (although, I have heard people have this same problem when their credit card on file in iTunes expires). My password was working, but I reset it anyway.....and it worked, I can now purchase anything through apple TV. I'm not sure why...but it worked!