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When I woke up yesterday morning and checked my iphone, I had a 'no service' message in the top left hand corner. I called fido, and they said to do a restore through iTunes and that the restore should fix my issue, It didn't.

Also, since the restore i get a message saying 'awaiting activation'. I left it alone for several hours until I had to leave the house and while I was driving, i checked the time on the iphone and it said something like 'activation complete' or something, and then i had service again.

However I wake up this morning and I am experiencing the exact same thing, no service.

I tried going to settings>general>reset>reset network settings. and I got service back for maybe 5 min and now again, 'no service'.

On a second reset, it just says 'searching' and then 'no service'.

Really not sure if this is a hardware issue or a software issue at this point.

Never had any trouble really with my phone so i'm kinda miffed about this.

If you guys have any ideas or troubleshooting tips. let me know.

Iphone 3G, Other OS
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    Call fido and tell them the same thing, but if they tell you to do a restore then say you did that already and it didn't help. They might need to reset network settings on their end, and they'll probably have you do it right after they do. When you connect to itunes does it say anything about not being activated?
    Also try taking your sim card out to see if there is any dirt or dust on it, and try to blow into the opening carefully in case of any dust in there.
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    I just tried another restore. right now it says 'waiting for activation - this may take some time'
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    If it still says "waiting for activation" call fido and tell them, maybe they can figure it out by running some tests to see what is going on with your settings on their end that is stopping it from working. And since you tried a second restore then you can tell them that didn't help.
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    Hello, Welcome to Apple Discussions.

    I am sorry to read that you are not able to obtain service with your iPhone.

    You may wish to try the article below. If you have already followed all steps you can make an appointment at your local Apple Retail Store after communicating with Fido.


    Fido can be reached at http://www.fido.ca/web/page/portal/Fido/GCT_ContactUs

    Book an appointment for an Apple Genius
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    There is always the possibility that nothing at all is wrong with your iPhone: the problem could be on AT&T's end, and it could be temporary.

    For the first time, I got a "No Service" message on my iPhone 3G. Using a Vonage land line phone, I called the AT&T wireless help line to see if there was an outage in my area, but it was after hours on a weekend, so no one was there. By the time I got done trying to ascertain whether the problem was on my end or AT&T's end, the "No Service" message disappeared and was replaced with a full strength signal icon.

    The whole out of service issued lasted maybe 10 minutes. Sometimes, all you have to do is be patient and things will sort themselves out, especially when things are beyond your control anyway. No point getting upset or running around in a trouble-shooting circle when you have not first determined whether the problem is your end or not. By its nature, trouble-shooting is always a process of elimination.
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    I found reverting back to 2.2 fixed this issue... annoying i know, but i cant be dealing with no service!

    http://www.iphoneuserguide.com/apple/2009/02/02/iphone3g/221-does-not-fix-the-no -service-issue/
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    I live in Belgium.
    My collegue and me are experiencing the same.
    In a matter of two weeks, both iphones gone "no service".
    After several sim-replacements for my collegue, it seems to "hold" form him.

    Today (april 1...) same for me.

    After about an hour on the line with Proxiums, they gave me this solution:

    - Disable 3G
    - Reboot iPhone
    - it Works

    Proximus: "You can now enable 3G at you own risk, of loosing the service again"...
    I turned it on, and seems to work again.
    Hope it will keep working for a while now.

    But since there are serveral players, nobody seems to take responsability.
    - Nothing wrong with the iPhone
    - Nothing wrong with the telecom provider
    - Maybe it is Santa's fault.
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    Same problem with my iPhone & Proximus.
    Had "No Service" on April 1st; switched SIM card in other non-iPhone mobile and back to iPhone and now it works (it's like magic;-).
    Had problem also a few days and then it went away after a few hours.
    Have already replace the SIM card 3 times (official answer from Proximus Customer Support). After replacement it works for about 2 weeks and then the problems start again.
    Very annoying problem..