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My IPHONE recently stopped showing up in device manager and thus itunes will not work.

It does however work on another PC?

My IPOD does show up in device manager and is seen by itunes but the Iphone does not.

Im not getting any error messages so dont know where to start.

Im using a PCMCIA to USB card as recetly my onboard USB ports started malfunctioning. It worked for a few days using this card but all have a sudden has completely stopped.

The iphone is fully charged but doesnt charge on this PC either. But my IPOD does charge on this PC with no problem.

anyone have any ideas??


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    Hello, Welcome to Apple Discussions.

    You may wish to try

    iPhone not recognized in iTunes for Windows

    Since this is a PCMCIA to USB card vs a standard PCI USB Card or Internal USB ports built into the motherboard. There is a possibility the card you have may not be providing enough power to the iPhone via the card to allow it to fully charge and be detected.

    If this is a notebook you want to ensure it is connected to a power source vs battery power. This may provide you with enough power to allow iPhone to show up.

    As you states this does work on another computer. So this does show your USB Cable and iPhone Hardware are working.
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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I did think that it may be drawing too much power.

    So I tried fully charging the IPHONE from a wall socket first thinking that a fully charged i phone would not try and charge from my notebook when connected.

    Is there a way to charge from external power at the same time as connecting to the usb port of my notebook??

    Its strange that it has worked using this setup before and has suddenly choose to stop working.

    Does anyone know how much power the iphone requires from a USB port to functon.

    Does the IPHONE pull more power than in IPOD from a notebook USB port?? As my IPOD charges fine and connects using the same port

    Will try the KB article you mentioned.


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    My PCMCIA to USB adapter is rated for 500ma devices, shouldn't that be enough for an IPHONE to work??