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How do I get the Account Categories listed into the "Transaction drop down box" in Numbers Checking Register?

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    If you have added a new category to the Account Category list, you will need to edit the popups for column D (categories) in the register.

    I have not used that template so I don't know how extra rows are created in the Transactions table when you import an OFX file. If you are editing a fresh template or adding rows to a filled register by dragging it longer (or adding rows), it's pretty easy.

    FIRST: Backup your file.

    If you are starting with a fresh template (no user data in it):
    Click on cell D3. Open the cell inspector. You will see the list of items that are in the pop-up. Click on the + and add the new category exactly as you named it in the Account Category list. I, personally, would add a "Misc" category while I was there. Then you can copy/paste or fill down that cell to the rest of the column. The copy/paste or fill will make all the entries the same as what is in D3 so don't do this to an already filled in Transaction register.

    If you are working with a document with your data already in it, instead of changing cell D3, change the D-cell in the first unused row. Then copy/paste or fill down to the last row of the table. I would set the category to "Misc" before doing the copy/paste. All new rows you add in the future will have the new category. The old rows will not.

    I hope I covered the bases and did so correctly. It's easier to do these things than write about it.

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