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Was working then two days ago all of a sudden stopped working. I did not change my password. I have since used Yahoo's web based account (regular not plus). My password consists of only letters and numbers. I have tried deleting and recreating. I get messages saying wrong password or username. I have typed in 5 times and yes I have logged of on Web based mail and logged in typing in the same exact words and it works. I have also gotten a error message of something talking about ANY IDEAS??

  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)
    I suggest contacting Yahoo technical support.
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    I have the same issue and tried everything I could think of. It worked A-ok for six months up to two days ago. I have two other mail accounts that work fine with my phone. I even connected my wife's Yahoo account to my phone with no problem. I can enter my account with the password and it autheticates out ok, but when I try to go into the mail area, it just tries to connect and comes back with Yahoo username or password incorrect. It's not. This is a seperate issue from the one with the non-alphanumeric problem. Mine is all alphanumeric. Could be a Yahoo issue, but how do you get into contact with them? I doubt the form I filled out is going to go anywhere fast.....
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    If you upgraded to 3.0 that might be the problem cause I'm having it too!

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    I got it working by resetting networking

    under general/reset/reset network setting on your iPhone

    hope it works as it did for me.
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    Still have no Yahoo mail.

    I am not running 3.0. I tried resetting network connections and that didn't work.

    I also have a response from Yahoo saying they performed some maintenance on my account(whatever that means). They told me to remove the account and turn the phone off for five minutes, log onto Yahoo and change the password to reset Yahoo's registration systems(ok). Then readd the account. I can't get the account to re-add.

    I'm thinking about switching to a google account but what a pain.

    Yahoo did ask me to reply if that didn't work. I have a feeling it was a blanket response that is supposed to fix the weird character in the password, not whatever this issue is. Well, I replied and will let you know what comes.
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    Why can't you re-add the account? Try resetting your phone and then try adding the yahoo account.

    FYI, my GMail account works nearly flawlessly but it does not Push.... I'm set for manual Fetch.
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    I was wondering if you ever heard back from yahoo or found how to fix this problem? My husbands yahoo account stoped working two days ago, but mine will work just fine. It tells him that his username and password are incorrect, but we know that they are right.
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    Hi, me too I have the exact same problem, my yahoo mail was working well since August 2008 and suddenly a couple of days ago it complains from wrong user id or password, i haven't change them, my yahoo works well on the web.
    1. removed the account and when reinstalling it, it won't reinstall,i get a message that user name or password are wrong in
    2. I reset the phone.
    3. I reset network connection.
    4. reintered password few times and am sure it is right.
    5. Password doens't contain any special characters (only alpha-numeric)
    6. removed SIM card and reinstalled it.

    Any ideas please...
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)
    Contact Yahoo technical support.
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    I have the same exact problem. I'm running 2.0 (no, I cannot upgrade!) and have never had problems with yahoo mail until a few days ago. I'm getting the same messages as everyone else. I'll wake up in the morning to a bunch of new messages showing in my inbox, but it will then pop up with the username/password message and refuse to load any of the messages. Glad it's not just my phone.
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    Yahoo got back to me again telling me that they have engineers working on the issue. It's only been a week now....

    And to answer the earlier question, it won't let me add the account as now previously discussed because it says I have an incorrect username and password. However, they are perfectly good.

    Anyone else with any luck??
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    Well, I've also been dealing with this strange problem of being unable to make Yahoo Mail work on my iphone. I've never had any problems until last Friday 3-27-09. I changed my password, I've attempted setting up Yahoo Mail on another iphone. Symptom does not change. At first, my account would authenticate, but then when I would go in to check in Mail, message would appear saying my password was incorrect. One thing I've also noticed, and I'm wondering if these problems correlate in some way, is that my Yahoo Messenger application on my desktop computer is also exhibiting the same sign-on problem. I really think this may be a Yahoo issue. But I've been in contact with one of their support bot's. They stated on a previous email that this is a known issue with Messenger. For my Iphone problem, they just redirect me to some general mobile Yahoo website that is pretty much useless to me. I've troubleshooted this issue enough to be confident that it is more complex and that it's not me entering in the wrong password and that it is not an Iphone settings problem. I opened a new Yahoo email ID, and was able to set it up successfully on the Iphone. It seems to me that some accounts may be affect and may not be a global "Yahoo Server" problem. Any other tips or advice would help here....
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    Same here, I still can't access my mail. Yahoo technical support gave me a list of things to try, which if they would have read what I wrote to them the would have saw that I have already tried all of those things. They are trying to tell me it is a problem with my phone, but I own two iPhones and my yahoo account won't work on either of them now.
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    It has to be a yahoo issue, because I'm using my iPhone with Tmobile, not att, so it can't be carrier related.
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