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april44 Level 1 Level 1
My music library does not show up in Itunes anymore.
None of it....my playlists, movies, videos.....nothing.
My files are still out there in a file...but Itunes does not recognize it anymore.
Please help me....if anyone knows how to correct this problem.

Windows XP Pro
  • tomm8tx Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same problem....i went to delete my dup songs, and it deleated my entire library...i want into my recycle and restored everything, buy none of my 72 gig of songs are back into i-tunes...this is very very aggrevating...
  • Madr0x Level 1 Level 1
    weird, same here. I made a tread about it too.
  • piddle66 Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same issue. We have two accounts on the PC, iTunes on one account sees the library for that user, but in the 2nd user, iTunes does not see the library. Preferences are pointed to the right folder location and the files are still there. This problem occurred after upgrading iTunes to 8.1.
  • Katrina S. Level 7 Level 7
    See if you can recreate your library file by using these directions
  • NM7 Level 1 Level 1
    I have the same problem, nearly every time I open up i-tunes. It's a ridiculous situation, my i-pod is not even recognised as being set up with the computer library. i-tunes says it is synched with another library..???
    What I have had to do on numerous occasions is once in i-tunes, click on file and select add folder to library, ( it should be in the music directory of your computer) then click on i-tunes music and then click on select at the bottom. This then re-instates all of your tunes. Once this is done I decided to erase and synch my i-pod. I also had to click on add artwork to numerous albums within my playlist.
    I think i-tunes are fully aware of this bug, but at this moment in time I have seen no confirmed bug issue statements from them. Very Poor indeed.
    I hope this helps. But don't erase and synch unless you have any back-up, I don't want to be responsible in case you lose all your tunes!!
  • Katrina S. Level 7 Level 7
    NM7, your sig states you have a Sony PC.
    Vaio users worldwide are running into some +Very Poor indeed+ sony media management software that conflicts with itunes.

    Read through this older thread and see how to get rid of/turn off the sony stuff

    Sony may have put out an update for their software to fix this issue for some models. You will have to search for your particular model - this link is only for certain kinds of laptop.