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Hopefully somebody has seen this and can tell me what's going on before I take it in to apple. I have had this new Macbook Pro for 3 weeks now. If the machine is cold (sleeping for a while or maybe its been off all night), and you turn it on, there are yellow interference lines all over the screen from top to bottom. Its almost like a bunch of interference from something but it does it everywhere. While it seems like a heat related issue, moving the laptop helps and the problem doesn't come back until the machine is cold again. Also, it doesn't do it on external displays.

It does this during post, in Mac OS and in Windows. Anyone seen this? Maybe a loose cable? I need to take it in to the Apple store but I know they are not going to be able to reproduce the problem because thats just the way things go. It would be nice to tell them specifically what's going on. Any ideas are appreciated.

Mac OS X (10.5.6)