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Is there a way to send someone a finder link to a file on a shared server? For example, I'd like to be able to send the path of a document in the "Proposals" folder on a certain share of our corporate Xserve. Is there something I could send him like afp://Xserve/Share/Folder/Filename.doc that the recipient could click and the Finder would open the window to that file? Thanks very much.

Corey Miller

MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Hi Corey,

    Yes, just eMail them the link like...


    If you both have access to the same server & the same path, that should work.

    Or is this person you're sending to out on the Internet?
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    I'm looking for a solution that would work over IM as well as email. And the afp://Path/to/Filename.doc construction does not work. I've also tried doing a pwd in Terminal, copying that, adding afp:// to the front. But that does not work either.

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    Is this remote or local you're sending to?

    Do they have access to your server?

    Are they Running Macs?

    How big are these .docs?
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    These links would be local, within our office on a Bonjour/AppleTalk network. The individuals have access to the server; their computers mount certain shares on startup. Everyone sharing these documents uses a Mac. The .doc files are not large, but we may use them for Indesign or Photoshop files as well.

    Some of my coworkers aren't super-sophisticated and they tend to email files to each other instead of knowing how to go find them on the server. Right now I tend to say "it's here: Shared Volume > Folder > Folder > Filename.doc" in emails and IM, but I'd prefer to send a link that would open to that folder.
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    OK, the closet I can come right now is if you include this...


    Then they copy the whole line and drag it on top of the APP used to open .docs, it'll open with it.