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I was sooo excited when I was able to finally access my hotmail via the iPhone internal Mail program (even though its Fetch and not Push).. BUT now... I am having sync problems with my Hotmail account. Whenever, I delete a hotmail message from my iPhone 3.G OS 2.2.1, it does not sync with the hotmail server.. and if I have already synced my hotmail on my iPhone, and then delete a message using Hotmail on the web, it does not remove it from my iPhone..

Please someone fix this annoying problem.. I can't keep track of what I deleted and from where..

Also, I can't access my hotmail folders from my iPhone.. can we have this supported please!!!

iPhone 3G, 2.2.1 Firmware, Windows Vista
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    Here is an article from the apple support website that might help out.

    If you are using the free hotmail service, then the iphone access this service via pop3.
    If that is the case, then what you're explaining is expected behavior.
    If you are using the paid service, then make sure the account is set up for imap instead of pop.

    Hope this helps.
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    I am getting the same problem even though the configuration matches the KB articles. I have even changed the settings to "delete on server" as well. My iphone is basically an out of sync device that does not update messages (delete or marked as read) once they are fetched. The problem seems strange.
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    That is the expected behavior for interacting with a mail server via POP. This Kbase (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3300) describes the difference between POP and IMAP connections. The article is directed at MobileMe customers, but the description of the technologies still apply.
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    this is totally UN-ACCEPTABLE to say this is normal behavior!!! why is that microsoft and apple refuse to play nice with each other.. are they trying to monopolize the market by annoying each other?? the ones that are truly suffering here, are their loyal customers.. this needs to be fixed.. yahoo and gmail work great.. why cant hotmail?
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    It's not an "Apple thing" or a "Microsoft thing" in the way that you are thinking. It's the way your e-mail client interacts with the e-mail server. There are several different ways that can happen. In the case of Hotmail, only POP access is offered. POP access does not allow for syncing. The technology just can't support it. IMAP mail servers, the technology that supports syncing, can be expensive to maintain. Typically only paid services or large business offer IMAP access.

    Gmail is the only free e-mail service that I'm aware of that supports IMAP. In fact, up until a few months ago, POP access was a paid service for Hotmail users.
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    This has nothing to do with Microsoft and Apple not playing nice with each other whatsoever.

    This has everything to do with the POP protocol. With a POP account, synchronization is not supported.

    With an IMAP account, all server stored mailboxes with the account are kept synchronized with the server automatically with each email client used to access the account. An IMAP account is designed for this very thing. A POP account is not.
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    Hi, when I first set up hotmail on my iphone about 3 weeks ago the messages that I deleted on my phone would also be deleted from the server! But after a week or so this stopped working altogether and I have not been able to repeat it. I didn't change any settings and I have a normal free hotmail account. I figure they must have changted something. I DO have a very old hotmail account so maybe they treat mine differently to other newer accounts, as they have done in the past with Pop 3 access with outlook express.