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I've done very extensive research and my last hope is this forum.

I am trying to change the names of my songs and artists on iTunes, through iTunes. For example, Artist would become Beck. I have tried Get Info\Info where all the information is listed, however it is grey and I am unable to modify it. So I sought my iTunes folder and un-marked all my songs checked as Read-Only. Still no hope, all the Get Info is still grey. I then Checked admin rights, and being the only user on the computer I would say I probably have full administrative power.
I double checked the Read-Only attributes and am sure they are changed.

I am running Windows Vista
and my iTunes music library is neatly organized in
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes Music
please let me know what I can try!

HP Pavilion dv9000, Windows Vista
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    I would try burning the song to a CD. Then try to rip the CD into your library again. Be sure to have the box marked "include text" UNCHECKED. If this works, try it with any and all songs that are being problematic.
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    I would try this, but I have over 10,000 songs affected by this problem. Not all of them need adjusted but at some point in the future would like to make the playlist 'OCD' neat.

    Any other suggestions?

    This info may help...
    I can highlight two songs and right click to get info, it then takes me to a screen where I can edit everything but the song names, however, it does not apply itself.

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    Make sure you have write permission on the file location (use Get Info or Open in Windows explorer to find the folder). Once you know the folder, check the permissions.

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