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I have re-ripped my entire music collection using dbpoweramp to Apple Lossless format on drive "E". Through iTunes I deleted all music and playlists from the iTunes library. Now attempting to "Add Folder to Library" from drive "E" so that all music will be imported to iTunes library and be copied to drive "C".

It only imports 474 songs out of about 2,600 and gives an error message "Attempting to copy to the disk "C:\" failed. The file name was invalid or too long." with no further information and no log file that I am aware of. It does appear that all the files have been copied to the C drive, so it must be that iTunes can't deal with a particular filename. How am I supposed to know what file or directory is causing the issue? How do I know that this really is the issue? Any ideas on how to get past this?


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