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Okay,, soo my ipod nano 3rd gen, wont connect to my iTunes. it will only come up in a window in my computer. now, i searched help on the apple sight but when it gets the point where it asks me to start the itunes service again, a error code comes up saying it wont allow me to start it. what should i do?

Windows XP
  • hmacross Level 3 Level 3 (780 points)
    What does the error message say?

    Have you tried changing the drive letter http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1493

    Have you checked *[Ipod not recognized properly|http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538]*
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    Ever since I have updated iTunes to Version 8.1 my iPod will not sync. It comes up with an error message and closes down. I have been to the Apple Store who restored my iPod so it was empty and said that would work... it didn't. I went back and they gave me a new iPod and said that would work... I was telling them that it wasn't the iPod it was the new version of iTunes. I now have a new, EMPTY iPod that I can't use and Apple do not seem to be doing anything about this issue. I have written to Apple and have still received no help... Can anyone help...

    I have uninstalled, installed iTunes lots of times, changed the USB port etc. etc. Even tried to load an old version of iTunes...

    HELP!!! Very frustrated....
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    Rachel, I have the same problem as you and it's ever since installing that new 8.1 software. There is a major bug in it. I used my ipod on my old pc that isn't connected to the internet with an older iTunes and no problem. Apple really needs to fix this problem and stop denying the problem. I will not buy another iPod. This whole thing is to make people want to buy another iPod thinking there iPod is broken. Well i've used 2 ipods.. two different versions and same thing.
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    If one of you finds a way to solve this, then please PLEASE let me know cause i've got the exact same problem and it's driving me crazy. Tried every possible solution but nothing works. Or it says select IPOD in the devices list in Itunes but that's no help at all.. I'm from Holland by the way so please don't mind my mistakes in English.
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    I have the same problem. I just bought a refurbished 3rd gen nano a few days ago. Worked fine the first day, then once I installed itunes 8.1, the computer doesnt recognize it and deleted all my music from the nano.
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    Just updated to 8.1 and the same problem is occurring, computer won't recognize ipod. No trouble shooting worked. What's up? I buy lots of music from itunes will not buy any more till this is fix cause I can't get it onto ipod.
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    okay so now whenever i plug in my iPod it says that the iPod Service Module encountered a problem and my ipod just shows up in my computer as an E: drive. help?
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    Ok, so I was finally able to fix this issue with my ipod. Here's what I did.

    I received the problem on my computer running vista. I decided to hook up my ipod to my friend's macbook. Lo and behold, iTunes recognized it and I received an error saying that the firmware was corrupt. I was able to restore the firmware on my ipod and it worked fine after that. I took it back to my vista computer and it said that my ipod was using mac firmware and if I wanted to delete everything and change to windows firmware and it worked (even though my computer was running 8.1).

    Now, I'm not sure if it was osx or maybe the older version of itunes that fixed my issue (my friend was running itunes 8.02 or something), but I suggest if you're having this problem, take it to the apple store and connect with one of their macs and see if you can update the corrupt firmware.

    I hope this helps. This issue was really frustrating for me and I hope apple fixes this quickly because I see many people with this problem here.
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    I read all these complaints about their ipod not connecting to itunes , but I don't see any resolutions. Does anyone have any answers to this problem? I have the same problem.
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    If you can't see the ipod in disk management, before you connect the ipod, open itunes, select edit/preferences, leave this open and click on "show desktop". This will make itunes busy. Then connect the ipod.

    Then try this page
    *[Ipod not recognized properly|http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538]*