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My father is considering purchasing an iPhone. He wants to know if he can plug it into a TV and use the TV as a monitor while surfing the internet/checking his email via the iPhone. That way he would not have to travel with his laptop, and still get the benefit of the larger screen. He has received conflicting answers at retail outlets, and based on the User Guide, it appears that you can connect an iPhone to a TV, but only for viewing downloaded videos. Is this correct? Or is there someway he can use the TV as a monitor for suring the internet and checking his email?

Thanks so much for any advice.

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    With the correct cable, you can view videos from the iPhone on an external monitor but you cannot do anything else, i.e. surf, use apps, etc.

    Windows Mobile devices can do this, i.e. they can display the mobile device's screen directly to a monitor. You can then use your mouse to control the mobile device. It's pretty slick - I often did it with my Dell PDA.