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My iPhone, which was apparently a new/refurbished phone that I got three weeks ago to replace my old whacked out iPhone, is stuck in recovery mode.
The screen has a usb cable and itunes logo on it with an arrow to connect. When I connect it, it asks me to restore. The problem is that I never backed up my phone, or even connected it to my computer because i thought my computer was causing the problem with the old phone (that i just had replaced). Now, i painstakingly took the time to add all my contacts by hand, type in notes, set up the calendar, download apps, etc. I also have lots of pictures and data on it that i do not want to lose. Can anyone tell me how to get out of this recovery mode, which btw happened for no reason at all while i was on a very important call, and fix my phone back to normal?
I have searched online and used any possible suggestion, including ibrickr, ziphone, quickpwn, which all claim to be able to reboot iphone.

Dell Inspiron 1501/MacBookPro, Windows Vista, iPhone