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Alf2002 Level 1 (5 points)
I’m running OS10.5.6 on two mac pro’s and using MobileMe to sync my calendars. Last night, I noticed that the iCal screen was entirely white and frozen on my home MacPro and had to force quit. I restarted the Mac. It seemed ok last night but today it is having the same problem as my office MacPro: Today I got the white screen on opening iCal. I tried some obvious things like repair privileges and the like, but finally unsubscribed to MobileMe and then resubscribed. That didn’t fix it so I trashed whatever I could from my user Library preferences folder that contained iCal in title, and unsubscribed to MobileMe and then resubscribed. That didn’t work, so I then trashed my Calenders folder in my library and iCal files in my Preferences folder; and unsubscribed to MobileMe and then resubscribed. Every time I resubscribed I restored data from MobileMe site to local computer. I’m still having the same problem:
1. iCal screen is incomplete and sometimes goes blank
2. To Do Items are not visible.
3. If I open iCal preferences, and then try to close by clicking red ball, it won’t close. I then have to quit or force quit iCal to get rid of the preference window.

Something is obviously corrupted but it’s strange that it’s occurring on 2 separate computers. The only think in common is MobileMe.

Suggestions appreciated.


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5)
  • Alf2002 Level 1 (5 points)
    I checked with Apple Support and she had me discard my calendars folder and resubscribe to moblile me. This worked on one computer but not the other in my office. After a day of working ok the first computer had the same problem. Curiously, when I opened Mail today, I received a message that there was one To Do item that disagreed on Mobile Me versus my MacPro. When I opened iCal, it was corrupted as described in 4/1 post. Rather strange that identical problem on 2 different macs?
  • Alf2002 Level 1 (5 points)
    this keeps getting stranger and stranger. I now have this problem on a third computer (MacBook Air). Same issue: screen won't completely draw and unresponsive so I have to quit iCal. If I open preferences in iCal, they won't close unless I quit or force-quit iCal.

    There's probably some kind of conflict with other software but no idea what it is. Problem just seemed to occur out of the blue
  • lbsunflowers Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm having the same problem, also happened on April 7. No idea what is causing it but extremely frustrating. My calendars variously appear or disappear. Bits of the screen are missing, with random bits present. Buttons don't work. Can click on preferences but nothing happens. Click on restore, a screen briefly appears and then disappears. This is obviously some kind of corruption problem and I'm trying to think what system bits were automatically upgraded in the last few days.
    Checked console log and found a long list of 'assertion failure' errors, whatever they are. Contacted writers of another program called Today that links with iCal and they said it wasn't their fault, but sounded like a re-drawing issue.
    Apple - please help!!!! I rely on calendars, appointments etc and it seems many others are having this same problem.
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    Same problem. 3 computers and mobile me. blank calendar. However, it triggered only after I started using the To Do's direct from Mail. don't know if that is any help. Still have the problem. Have not found a work around that fixes it. Help!!
  • Alf2002 Level 1 (5 points)
    I am still having the problem where iCal on 3 different Macs will lock up on opening. Typically, part of screen will draw such as April’s events but not the To Do list or Calendar column on left side of iCal screen; months won’t advance; view can not be changed; preferences will open but won’t close unless quit; sometimes calendar is totally empty and rarely just a white screen. Following Apple Tech Support recommendation, I turned off syncing / unregistered the Mac in MobileMe / and signed off of MobileMe. I deleted Calendars folder in Library, and replaced with a backup from a week before the problem, and then replaced MobileMe iCal with that on local Mac. This seemed to work for a day or two, but alas the calendar froze up as before when I opened on my MacBook Air which was not online at the time (actually in an airplane). All 3 Macs are having this problem. If do the above, then iCal works for a day or so and then freezes as before. Curiously, syncing with iPhone works ok.

    I suspect there is another corrupted file that I need to discard because:
    1. turn off syncing / unregister the Mac in MobileMe / and sign off of MobileMe.
    2. delete Calendars folder in Library
    3. go offline so no access to MobileMe
    4. when I open iCal, I get a fresh empty calendar (except for birthdays) with a message that “There are 3 sync conflicts involving Calendars” between iCal and MobileMe – it then asks me to choose color for Birthdays, Work, and Home calendars since I changed earlier form default.
    There must be a MobileMe file that has this info on my Mac. I need to know what else to delete. When I do steps 1-4, and then sync with MobileMe, iCal works for a while but jams as before after a day or so.

    Sorry for the long post but working with Apple Tech Support and it may be helpful to them?

    I suspect something has changed in MoblieMe. Typically, Apple quietly fixes bugs and problems go away as mysteriously as they appeared.
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    I'm having this problem as well and on two separate computers. My iMac 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5 and my MacBook 2GHz Intel Core Duo, both running 10.5.6. It started months ago on my MacBook and just a few weeks ago on the iMac. The problem is often slightly different -- sometimes the screen is entirely white, sometimes both side panels are gone, sometimes just one. If I can see my events (which is rarely) when I try to edit them I either cannot select them or can not exit the event when I click "Done". The month calendar in the lower left is either not there or comes in and out selectively when I click around in it. My toolbar at the top is usually not visible. I don't sync with anything, don't use To Do's, and don't use Mobile Me, so I suspect the problem is purely software related. Please help ASAP Apple, as I'm about to give up on the calendar and find a different solution (that is better than the post-its I currently have stuck all over my desk). I need a calendar I can rely on as I use it daily, for everything.
  • jackstraw2 Level 1 (0 points)
    Same problem. Just started today. Help!
  • ashley213 Level 1 (0 points)
    Found this thread:

    And I followed Bernard's advice, the first step appears to have fixed my problem. Has anyone else tried this? I would give it a shot!
  • ashley213 Level 1 (0 points)
    Worked until I opened the "To Do's" tab.
  • Alf2002 Level 1 (5 points)
    I have been investigating this problem and have the following info and a "pseudo-fix"

    1. This happened on 3 different macs when syncing with or replacing with MobileMe calendar/address book. As noted above by others, sometimes I get a white screen but usually month calendar (which can't be edited) and empty side bars; I can't move to other months. It appears that iCal is freezing on loading/drawing calendar.

    2. Syncing to my iPhone works ok and reminders do come up on my Mac so iCal seems to be working but just not drawing the screen.

    3. Address book works fine

    4. If I delete Calendars folder in library and iCal preferences, restart, and then sync with MobileMe, iCal works ok initially but within a day the problem recurs even if not connected to internet. Apple tech said that my iCal must be corrupted, but I think not due reason discussed below in item 5.

    5. If I make a clean new user, and sync with MobileMe, then iCal works. I have done this now for over a month and it's stable. Curiously, I did try moving the Calendars folder from the library of my standard user to the new user library folder, and iCal froze up. I deleted the user and made another bare new user and iCal is working ok on several macs.

    6. I think that some app is interfering with iCal in my stander user. e.g. I run Quickeys and variety of other stuff, and this is not running in the new "bare" user. I also have adobe CS3 (and 4), MSO 2008, VPN, Skype, etc. etc. so I have no idea which app is conflicting or how.

    7. As far as my "pseudo-fix", I enter new events via Safari directly into MobileMe and then sync with my macs. This will give me reminder-alarms and allows syncing with iPhone. Every so often (maybe 1-2x per week), I log into my new user account, sync with MobileMe, and then add alarms to needed events in iCal (I haven't figured out how to do this in Safari).

    8. I suspect that Apple will quietly fix this bug in a future update and the problem will go away - this is typically what this "infallible" company does so they don't have to admit a problem. My current setup works but it's a hassle and I wish I had not abandoned Now-Up-To-Date, but I don't want to re-enter a bazillion events into a new calendar program.

    9. I need to keep a record of past events: I did output the calendar as a pdf so if I ever decide to abandon MobileMe and iCal, I will at least have a record.

    Hope this helps
  • Hans Level 1 (130 points)
    Have you tried to install the Combo Update from Apple? I did the 10.7.5 Combo update and everything looks again as it should be. And... No data loss whatsoever!
    Try it! My iCal works fine again!

    Good luck,


    Please let me know if it was successful!

  • Alf2002 Level 1 (5 points)
    I'm running 10.5.7 OS now. I deleted calendar folder and iCal preferences. Unregistered my mac from MobileMe. Then registered and replaced calendar/address-book with MobileMe version. Unfortunately, the problem immediately recurred. Seems like some process is interfering with screen redraw of iCal (as before). ;-(
  • rainerrainer Level 1 (0 points)
    I had the problem that some events (dates) did not show up. I switched the todolist on and off and it appeared again. But the real problem were some of my subscribed calenders. I refreshed them and now everything is fine.
  • Lonnie Robinson Level 1 (40 points)
    I am having the same problem on multiple computers here in my office. All running 10.5.7 and it has just come up in the last week or so. If the to do list is viewable iCal is messed up. When you "hide the to do list" from the view menu option it seems to be working OK. Something is definitely going on.

    We are using group calendars and I was wondering if everyone else with this problem is using them also?

    The To Do List is definitely causing problems.
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