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My iPhone was stolen last Monday. My dad fell bad for me so he payed $400 and suprised me with a new one last Friday. Today however some people came and told me some dude was bragging about his "new" iPhone. They explained every detail about it, the clear cover with the "FlyBikes" logo, my screensaver, and even my name I scrached into the screen protector. I was extremely ******, alot of people said they got my back if I wanted to fight him to get it back. I know my parents will kill me if I fought at school again. (Plus since I am now in high School, if you start a fight you get sent to a school for expelled kids called Nova.) So they gave me the idea to punk him and a friend of mine told me that the police can do some phone tracking thing using the IMEI...

I was wondering if I can report a phone that is DEACTIVATED with no service to the police and they can track it. The guy when I went to talk to him keeped on regretting he stole it but I am 100% he has it. He is also in the same class when I lost my phone.
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    The police can request E911 location services tracking in the case of an emergency, but a lost or stolen iPhone is not considered an emergency.

    You need to report your iPhone as stolen with the local police providing the police the same info you have provided here.
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    But can't the police contact At&t and ask if they may use my IMEI to track? I really want this dude confronted, he has 4 stolen iPhones and a couple of Blackberrys. My friend said he was showing everybody and bragging about it, he is pretty new to our school and I find that info kinda rediculous.
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    I don't know. This is between the police and AT&T, which I think is doubtful since a lost or stolen iPhone is not considered an emergency.

    The ONLY thing you can do is file a police report providing the police the same information. It is up to your local police regarding what they do with this info, which you have no control over. The faster you contact the police, the faster something may be done. You are wasting time here where no one can help.
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    High School teacher here: Contact your Assistant Principal with this info (behind closed doors) or have your parents do it. This is the job they are supposed to do. We had a thief at our school, and the AP finally got him.
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    What i would of done first is get some one elses phone and called your dad so he could call AT&T to "kill" your phone that way he couldn't use it at all
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    I don't think you have to track the perpetrator. If he/she has an active iPhone, and you have the IMEI, call AT&T and tell then it was stolen, tell them the IMEI, then they should be able to handle it for you. Of course, be sure you can prove the IMEI was originally purchased by you or your Dad.

    Some advice.. stay out of it, let the authorities and AT&T handle it, it's not worth $400 to get in trouble for doing something stupid. He/she will probably say someone sold it to him as a used device.. and maybe he did!

    he/she must be amazingly stupid thinking these devices cannot be traced.. afterall he/she had to sign-up for an account to get it activated. Jeesh, I think our school systems are failing us!