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I can print wirelessly from my new MacBook Pro to the Canon MX310 but cannot scan wirelessly. canon could not help apart from suggesting I install MP Navigator v 3.0. It cannot be opened as the message I get when attempting to do so is "scanner driver supported by this software is not installed" and the original version of MP Navigator does nothing when attempting to scan wirelessly. I can scan using the USB connection but this is a nuisance now I have Time Capsule. My scanner drivers are up-to-date according to the versions on the Canon website. Canon Support suggested that the new MP Navigator software would enable an option to configure using the Time Capsule IP address but as I could not open the programme this obviously got nowhere.

Intel iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    None of the Airport products support scanning over wireless. For that, you have to have a scanner or all-in-one that does support it. Like the Brother 490CW and others.

    In no documentation on the Airport products is scanning indicated.
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    Hi LloydP,

    Your answer is very interesting and might solve one of my wishes.

    If I buy a all-in-one printer that supports WiFi scanning and printing from OS X 10.5 MacBooks, could I send print and scan jobs directly from and to the printer while surfing the Web via my TimeCapsule at the same time?

    So rather than connecting the all-in-one Ethernet/WiFi printer to my TimeCapsule and try to print- and scan- over the air (which doesn't work from the blogs I read), I could connect wireless to TimeCapsule to surf the Web and sent print and scan jobs wireless direcly to a Brother 490CW at the same time for example?

    Did I interpret this correctly? Thanks for your reply.
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    I am not sure about your particulars, but I have read--on lots of occasions--that TC does NOT support wireless scanning. I was told this about my Canon Multi-Function Pixma MP510. I bought and installed TC anyway to be able to print wirelessly and backup my MacBook.
    (I admit I have not tried to scan, but I am not holding my breath.)

    For a couple of years I have used an extension USB cord so that I can easily unplug my printer/scanner from my wife's desktop PC and plug it into my MacBook--for printing and scanning. It is not so horrible--thanks to the properly placed extension cord.
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    To clarify this issue... The USB port on Apple's base stations does NOT support scanning NOR FAXing. Therefore if you connect an all-in-one to that USB port you will not be able to scan nor FAX.

    On the other hand... If you have an all-in-one which connects wirelessly, or via Ethernet, to the network you should be able to scan/FAX/print without any problems.
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    Hi Chris F.,

    what you want to do is definitely possible. I'm happily using a Canon MP-600 all-in-one device from my Macs - this can be connected to your TC either
    by an Ethernet cable, or by WLAN. Setup was a bit tricky, but scanning
    and printing does work without a hitch.
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    Hi. I have a Canon MP630. I have used the functions with a windows computer, but now have an imac and time capsule. The printer is connected through the time capsule so I can use it wirelessly. I get the same error message about the scanner drivers not being available when trying to scan.

    So did I get this right, you can not connect your printer/scanner via a time capsule and use the scanning function on the printer.
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    Duane- to clarify your response a bit. If my printer is able to connect via ethernet, than I can connect it to my time capsule that way to support wireless scanning and faxing correct?

    I have a cannon MP 610 that only connects via bluetooth or USB, and both scanning and fax have been useless, I want to make sure I replace it correctly.

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    I also have a MP630 but I can't print wirelessly from my Time Capsule. How it works ? I can't find the good driver to make it work Is there an update somewhere ?

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    Did you ever get this figured out? I have the mx310. We are rearranging our office and the printer can not be at my desk any longer. I need to figure out how to scan wirelessly.