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*1. How big a drive do I need for Time Machine?*
*2. What can TM back up, and where can it put it's backups?*
*3. Can I use my TM disk for other stuff?*
*4. Can I use one TM disk to back up 2 or more Macs?*
*5. I just bought an external drive. How do I get it to work with Time Machine?*
*6. Can I use a drive with other data already on it?*
*7. How can I tell what Time Machine is doing during (or after) a backup?*
*8. How can I tell what Time Machine is backing-up?*
*9. Why are my backups so large?*
*10. Can I tell Time Machine not to back up certain things?*
*11. What should I exclude, and what should I not exclude?*
*12. Should I delete old backups? If so, How?*
*13. How can I change TM's schedule of hourly backups?*
*14. How do I restore my entire system?*
*15. How do I restore selected items?*
*16. How can I restore a file/folder to an alternate location?*
*17. How can I see my backups, or the backups for a different Mac, via +Time Machine+ ?*
*18. How can I copy my TM backups to a different location?*
*19. How do I set up a new Mac from my old Mac's backups?*
*20. Once my Mac is backed-up, can I delete some stuff to save space?*
*21. How do I set up Time Machine to an internal or directly-connected external HD?*
*22. How do I set up Time Machine to a shared drive on another Mac?*
*23. How do I set up Time Machine to a Time Capsule or Airport Extreme?*
*24. What do the Time Machine icons in my Menubar and Dock do?*

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