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Right, just a question I'd like answered.

I really want to learn xCode and such, but all the books I've got assume prior knowledge of programming languages. I am a web designer and know a decent amount of html but it's come to the point now I'd like to learn the xCode programming language to expand my business range.

Problem is, I can't do lessons and such- I mainly want an easy, basic, beginner (no prior knowledge to ANYTHING) method of learning as an individual.

If anyone can recommend anything I'd be extremely grateful-

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    Xcode is not a programming language, but you will need to learn at least one before it is of any use to you whatsoever.
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    OK's summaries are so much fun

    Try this if you didn't get all you wanted out of his reply...


    My 2 cents - while you take time out to learn the various disciplines surrounding one or more actual programming languages, as opposed to a markup regimen as demonstrated by HTML and other tagging environments, know that X Code, as an example, will continue to evolve and perhaps be replaced.

    Point is, don't take a stance with any one current (business?) example if you decide to take up coding - by the time you're ready, that target will have moved...commit to programming for programming's sake, not as a means to an end that may not even exist by the time you pull the trigger. It is never too late to learn, but please consider the long term.
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    K T wrote:
    perhaps be replaced.

    Every pre-buyout developer's fantasy.
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    orangekay wrote:
    Every pre-buyout developer's fantasy.

    Or fear...
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    Thanks for your input guy's - yeah, sorry bout portraying xCode as a language my error there.

    Great links and yeah the programming for programming sake was more what I was going for, I was just visualizing future uses for the skill. I'll be sure to follow this up,

    Thanks again,
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    Wow!! That Mail List article is a stone classic!! Did you write it?? I've tried to answer the same questions 1024 times and counting, but never even came close. We're talking poetry here, on a level with Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Thank you!!

    - Ray