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I recently had problems syncing my MacPro with my BlackBerry Curve 8330 in OSX MAIL - NOTES and TASKS. I thought my problem was with the my RIM software, but they convinced me it was with my Leopard OS and iSync. They sent me to Apple Support document TS1627 located here: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1627. and I was able to get the sync working again. BUT .... I kept seeing reference to an app called iSync. For the life of me... I could not find such an application anywhere in my Applications; Utilities or within the System Folder. I went to an Apple site and saw that I could download an iSync 3.0. Yet ... a little voice inside me says "Leave well enough alone." Still... I am curious - where is iSync ? Should I download and install it from the Apple site. Your thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.

MacPro 1.1, Mac OS X (10.5.6), Dual core processors; 1 GB Memory; Bus Speed 1.33 GHz
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    Still... I am curious - where is iSync ?

    Look directly in the Applications folder, not in the Utilities subfolder of it. If you don't have it, reinstall it from the Mac OS X 10.5 installation disk and then run the combo updater for your Mac OS X version.

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    where is iSync ?

    Easiest way to find iSync is to type it into Spotlight. It should be located in the main Applications folder of your boot-up hard disk - nowhere else.

    Should I download and install it from the Apple site.

    It can't be downloaded from the Apple site.

    It's part of a default Mac OS X Installation so it would be a good idea to re-install it if you've inadvertently deleted it.

    Instructions for re-installing iSync from your original Mac OS X Installation DVD are here: