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I bought my iMac in January and started exploring WiFi. So far, I haven't had any luck getting it to work with my iPhone. The WiFi on the iPhone works well, because I use it anywhere I find a hotspot. I was also thinking of setting up WiFi, so that I can use my WIN XP laptop in another room. So, is there a step-by-step guide somewhere that tells me how to set up WiFi on my iMac?

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    B-rock provided links to excellent tutorials if you're using Apple's airport base stations for wireless networking. However, your iMac also works well with most wireless routers. Try a google search for "wireless router configuration". Most of the effort is involved with the initial setup of your wireless router. Some routers come with a setup assistant, others must be configured manually from your iMac after connecting with an ethernet cable. Check the user guide that came with your router for instructions.

    Once you have the wireless router configured, turn your iMac's airport "on", it will scan for your network, enter the password, and you're connected.
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    So, do I absolutely need the Airport? The reason I ask is that I noticed when tinkering with the WiFi on the Mac, my laptop was able to see the iMac, but that's about as far as I got. The laptop wasn't able to connect to the internet, thru the iMac Wifi. Now I know that the wifi on the laptop works well, because I use it at airports and hotels. So, I concluded that I didn't set up the iMac wifi properly. I have a wired router to the internet, so I wasn't wanting to have to go out and buy new hardware and reconfigure everything.

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    This new information invalidates everything said before. If your iMac is wired to the internet and you want to share that internet connection with your notebook, then go to "system preferences" and click on the "sharing" icon. Choose "internet sharing" and follow the steps for configuring that sharing, including the security "Airport options".
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    Appreciate the feedback. I tried your suggestion and the laptop saw the Wifi from the iMac, but Internet Explorer couldn't pull up any websites. When I take this laptop on the road, the Wifi card automatically configures and I can connect to websites, so I guess there's some differences between how hotels/airports configure their wifi and how this iMac does it. Just a big mystery to me. I disabled the wifi on the laptop and plugged the cable back in and got my internet connection. Obviously, I'm not doing something correctly, but this is taking up way too much of my time to devote to this problem.

    Thanks, Vince