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  • varjak paw Level 10 Level 10

    What I meant by what I posted is that as of over two years ago, Apple stopped selling music tracks with DRM, and Apple offered upgrades from the DRM versions for as many tracks as they could. So Apple addressed the situation as much as was possible.


    Since the original poster of this thread is long gone, we probably should indeed let this thread lapse back into slumber.



  • MUZICA Level 1 Level 1

    I'm in the same boat as the originial person was talking about.  With the new iCloud thing i dont want my parent's music that they purchase being pushed to my mac and my iphone. 


    Here's what I'm thinking about doing:


    I am going to copy my iTunes library that I have now onto an external hard drive, delete the songs off of my laptop.  I will then create a new Apple ID with my Information, and then import the music that once was on my laptop back onto my laptop under the new Apple ID that I have made for myself.  So in theory (or so what I think will happen) is that I will have created a new library with the old music and from then on I will purchase music from my new apple ID.  Will this work?

  • boysmom Level 1 Level 1

    I hope someone can answer Muzica's question.  My son used our Apple iTunes ID for years, then grew up, created his own (with his own credit card) and starting buying music on that account.  He simply must find a way to have all this music backed up together in the Cloud, especially with this 90 days between associating a device from one ID to another.  I understand burning a CD is not an option becuase he will lose the artist/track names for about two thousand songs.


    Apple, we WANT our kids to start paying for their own music.  But if they're on our accounts like they were when they were kids, they automatically have TWO accounts.



  • toddfromleaguecity Level 1 Level 1

    Same boat here.  My daughter used my account starting when she was 10, now she is 16 and the idea of her music ending up in my iCloud is not appealing.  Apple, there has to be a way to separate our her music and letting her apply it to her own appleID and my few songs staying on my appleID. I am holding off issuing our our newly purchased iPhone 4S's until we can work this out.


    There has to be a way.

  • boysmom Level 1 Level 1

    The beginning of this thread answers your question (as does the apple website), Todd, which is different from my question. You daughter would just use a address for all iCloud functions EXCEPT iTunes- for that she would use your ID, and you would each turn off "automatic downloads" so you could pick what you wanted and she could pick what she wanted.


    My question is about purchases made on two different iTunes ID's.


    At least, I THINK our questions are different.

  • MUZICA Level 1 Level 1

    Im guessing what you are saying is that my idea probably won't work. lol.


    I'm confused on this 90 days association thing though...I never really heard of that until now, what does that mean? 


    Also, I was wondering if you could explain what your son did again?  I just want to be totally independent of the parent's apple ID.  I dont want my reminders, music, apps ect pushing to their computer and vise versa.  I'm going to try to call Apple and see what they can tell me.


    Thanks for your help.

  • Picture to Bits Level 1 Level 1

    Adding to this discussion:


    What about if I choose to give away my rights to anybody else or, and this is something all humans fall prey to:


    What about if I want my heirs to inherit my iTunes music after I die?



    By the way: I'm (for now...) in the same situation as some previous posters: my kids used my account when they were younger and couldn't be trusted yet with a creditcard. I could have, and probably should have, created their own accoutn and then donated to that, but I did not oversee the future challenges then. In the mean time the children have grown up enough, while my taste of music hasn't grown with them....


    Please Apple, come up with a solution that helps us without having to revert to illegal practices!



  • Jk456 Level 1 Level 1

    Did you ever get ahold of Apple and ask them if your CD idea was ok?  Where did you find the number?  Obviously I have the same problem and it would be really helpful if Apple would give us an answer via post.  Thanks for letting me know. 

  • MUZICA Level 1 Level 1

    No I have not, but I will try tomorrow I think.  I'm just calling the apple support line which is 1-800-275-2273.

  • Jk456 Level 1 Level 1

    I may not get the chance to call.  Would you please let all of us know what they said tomorrow?  Thank you vey much!

  • MUZICA Level 1 Level 1

    I literally just got off the phone with Apple and he said that my idea stated above would work. 


    This was my idea:


    I am going to copy my iTunes library that I have now onto an external hard drive, delete the songs off of my laptop.  I will then create a new Apple ID with my Information, buy a song so that the computer recog and then import the music that is on my external hard drive back onto my laptop under the new Apple ID that I have made for myself.  So in theory (or so what I think will happen) is that I will have created a new library with the old music and from then on I will purchase music from my new apple ID.


    Couple of things to note, the guy said music wise this method should work 100% it is when you want to transfer apps over that things get a little complicated.  I'm going to try to just copy the whole iTunes folder over so maybe it will work maybe it won't. 


    So I am going to try it here shorty and report back on how it went.

  • boysmom Level 1 Level 1

    You can avoid having a family member's songs (from a shared purchases ID) on your library via iCloud by just turning off "automatic downloads."  The issue is if you have turned on "automatic downloads" or ever need to RE-download old purchases, you would only be able to get the ones purchased on the iTunes ID you're using for purchases on your iphone. Then you'd have to remove that phone's association with that ID, wait 90 days, associate it to the old ID, wait 90 days, and associate it back (presumably without making purchases for 90 days.) 


    As it's been explained to me, the issue is only with "automatic downloads."


    My son has songs from two ID's on his computer.  He will choose the more recent ID for purchases on his phone, and when he syncs, the new songs he buys will end up on his phone.  But the old purchases from the old (my) iTunes ID will still be there, because they are there from his computer, which is authorized to play songs from both accounts.


    As I understand it, again, the issue is with "automatic downloads" once a device is associated with a (purchases) ID.


    Nothing that you can do will "transfer" the purchases to a different ID.  At least not yet.

  • Jk456 Level 1 Level 1



    Just a quick note on transfering (copying) your entire itunes folder over.  I did that yesterdasy and as everyone would expect, it transfered just fine.  However, once in itunes, if you go to "Get Info" it will give the name of your previous itunes account as the purchaser.  I don't know if Apple would have a problem seeing the other accounts name on the song in your new account.  However, if you do the CD thing (or use an audio converter) and then put your songs back into itunes, the previously mentioned info is gone.  I don't know if it really makes a difference to Apple or not, all I know is that this is a lot of work.  lol  If anyone has any helpful info on this particular subject please pass it along. 


    Also, did we ever get the true 100% positive anwser on the dispute that was waaaaaaaay back at the beginning of this Discussion to the question of "if you put songs on a CD and then put them into your new account would that do something to your sound quality?  I don't mean to bring up an old subject but I am simply looking for a Straight Forward answer without looking over tons of reviews for an hour or more.  We are all very busy people after all! 


    Thanks so much.

  • MUZICA Level 1 Level 1



    from my expirences with importing burnt songs into iTunes the sound quality is not as good as it would be if you bought them from iTunes.  I have a number of songs that I imported from burnt CD's that my friends have given me and you can definatley tell the difference.  Maybe there is a way to make it better quality but I havnt had the motivation to find out how.


    And "boysmom" I think you just saved me hours of work with coping over a new library.  I am going to try to create a new apple ID and buy a song and see how it goes.  Hopefully it works out the way that it should.

  • Caleb T Level 1 Level 1

    Hey all,


    This is MUZIA's new account.


    I called apple and they told me how to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish.


    What I wanted to do was start a new Apple ID account on my computer and keep the music from my old Apple ID (that I shared with my paretns) to stay on my computer and my iPhone/iPad/iPod.  This way I can get the most out of iCloud beacause only MY information is pushed to MY device and not to my parents iPods, Macs, and iPhones. 


    I was worried that if I purchased a song from my new Apple ID that all of my music on my iPhone would be erased and wouldnt be able to get put back on beacuse I thought that one device could only hold one ID's music and apps.  I was told that my notion was wrong.  As long as you check manually manage music on the device screen on iTunes you can have multiple accounts on your device. 


    So I simply created a new apple ID, turned on iCloud on my iPhone with the new apple ID.  Turned on iCloud on my Mac Book Pro and everything works seamlessly.  Note though, if you already have an iCLoud on ur accout you can delete it on your phone.  But, if you dont want to loose all your contacts press the "keep information on iPhone" option.  Enter your new Apple ID and then choose the "merge" information when the new Apple ID is put in for the iCloud. 


    I hope this helps.  Thanks for everyone's help.



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