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I want to have ITUNES from the laptop play in another room. Will the laptop send the music through bluetooth or some other wireless standard to speakers in another floor of the house?

itunes 6.0
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    Hi, Andrew. There are indeed BlueTooth speakers, but as this article explains, their uses and sound quality are sharply limited. A much better option would be to use an Airport Express with AirTunes connected to a regular audio system.
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    Thank you so much. This is really helpful!
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    Just saw your question. I just purchased a speaker from Yamaha that is bluetooth. Good up to 30 ft has lots of volume and works very well. Model NX 802
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    Hey there, the first person who responded to your question should (or maybe he already does) work for Apple. My solution was to purchase a Logitech Wireless Audio system which comprises a USB dongle and a receiver for the other end that has a standard pair of RCA (phono) outputs, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.
    I had some issues using this system with my previous iMac, and I have heard some people say that Bluetooth (at least proprietary Bluetooth devices) and Airport 'don't like eachother'. But I am using it now with my MBP and it has been working faultlessly for the last weeks.
    My only complaint is that I haven't figured out a way to control the volume from the keyboard, I have to use the volume slider on whichever application is outputting sound.
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    Hi, HD2600 Hater. As a matter of simple manners, please don't post your groundless presumptions about other posters here. I don't work for Apple, never have worked for Apple, don't expect ever to work for Apple, and have no axe to grind with respect to BlueTooth speakers. I simply provided a link to an article explaining how and why BT speakers are limited, and suggested an alternative.

    Anyone posting here who works for Apple has the Apple logo as an avatar. Apple employee posts in these Discussions are few and far between.
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    HD2600 Hater, note that the OP stated, +"Will the laptop send the music through bluetooth or some other wireless standard to speakers _in another floor of the house?_"+ Are you using Bluetooth to transmit your audio from the USB dongle transmitter to a receiver located on another floor of your dwelling?
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    I believe the question that was being asked by the OP was; 'Can I use my Mac's (built in) Bluetooth to broadcast music from iTunes?' Of course the answer to that would be no, at least from one floor to another or from one room to another.
    My point is, there are cheaper wireless alternatives to Airport available. Sorry for any offence caused, but from my past experience, some people are a little blinded by Apple's marketing hype.
    I have used my current Logitech system to transmit music through two solid walls in a different part of the house, over a distance of about 15 metres without any problems.
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    You can sometimes find used/refurbished Apple Express units for not much more than the cheapest price I found for the Logitech. (You can get the AEX 802.11n refurbished for $85)

    Advantages include range, can be used as a WiFi router/extender, does not require connecting a dongle to your computer, you can use keyboard/remote functions, you can hook up a wireless printer to it, multiple devices, and you can connect to a digital input on your stereo system. I don't believe the Logitech can do any of this.

    I don't work for Apple either but I have all my stereo equipment connected through Airtunes, works great, can use my iPhone as a remote and in doing so I can see what is playing (including album art), adjust the volume, select a track, etc.

    Not really blind-sided by anything in using this method. And I do have other Logitech products.

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    If I were you, I would put my assumptions about other posters on the shelf. They are not useful. If you want to assume anything about other posters, you might begin by assuming that anyone who has been posting frequently in these forums for nine years (actually 12 in my case, but when the forums were renamed in 2000, the clock restarted) has been around the block enough times to recognize marketing hype for what it is, no matter who generates it.

    The article I linked was not Apple marketing hype; it wasn't even Mac-oriented.
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    I just purchased a Motorola EQ5 bluetooth speaker and it will not pair with my new MBP 13". It says pairing attempt unsuccessful. I updated the bluetooth firmware and still no luck. running 10.5.7 ...very bummed ..