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Would anyone mind helping me understand what "kind" of MacPro (early, late or whatever) I have and how all of this may or may not affect how memory is recognized by WinXP through Leopard?

Is there an issue here in terms of the difference and if so, what is it exactly?

Also, will these issues be the same in terms of Windows 7 when it comes out?

Lastly, I was looking at buying a MacBook mostly because I want a small profile computer for office related tasks while on the go, even though I should be buying something that will accommodate more ram if I wanted to run my professional software on it.

Are the same kind of issues involved in what kind of MacBook or MacBookPro I buy?

Much thanks,


P.S. If I can get this information without the kind of low-grade insult and hostility that the guy with five boxes gave me on my earlier posts on this, that would be super.

I'll tell you after I get the help on this post, Windows XP, Leopard