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A friend gave me his old iPhone, and I wanted to play music through my computer speakers. The speakers aren't plugged in to the computer, just directly in to the iPhone. My old iPod will do it, but the iPhone won't. The sound just comes through the iPhone speaker. Is the iPhone able to play music through speakers?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Is the iPhone able to play music through speakers?

    Yes it is. However the 1st gen iPhone (if that's what you have) had a recessed headphone socket and you will probably need a skinny little adaptor to get the jack plug from your speakers into the port. Hence the reason the sound is still coming out of the phone as you haven't got your jack plug far enough in. I recently found an adaptor at an airport for my phone but you'll have to look around to find one I suspect.
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    Ah. So size matters.... Ok, thanks for the help.