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Okay I just downloaded iTunes 8.1.1 on my Windows PC and it won't install the update.

Here's what happens I go through the steps of installing the update -- the welcome screen provides info on what iTunes helps you do (work with iPod, iPhone, Apple TV etc and burning and importing audio CDs, plus buying songs from iTunes and video) then asks you to press next, next screen asks if you accept license agreement, select yes and click next. Next screen asks what language you want iTunes installed in (English US) and what location for me its C/Program Files/iTunes

Then press next and on the next screen it will install -- next screen shows up and then jumps directly to the iTunes has installed screen without doing so.

"Says iTunes Installer Completed"

"The installer encounted errors before iTunes could be configured.

Your system has not been modified. To retry these operations at a later time please return to the installer again. Click Finish to exit installer."

I have tried using both Apple Software Update which tells me iTunes + QuickTime could not be verified when the installation error occurs and the manual installation by downloading the file and launching it. Any ideas on
what's causing this?

Windows XP