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I have selected the check box to save usernames and passwords in the preferences, but every time I try to login to hotmail it never remembers the different users. I have two accounts and there is nothing worse than having to type in that **** address every single time. And when I go to edit the websites to allow this to happen I can't edit anything except remove the ones that are there.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions

    Two suggestions:

    First, download/install 3rd party add-on Glims. One of Glims many features is "force forms autocomplete always on". Once installed, you'll find Glims preferences as a separate panel in the Safari Preferences.

    Quit Safari.

    Next, open Keychain Access in your Applications/Utilities folder. In the spotlight panel, enter Hotmail. Delete the hotmail entries that appear in the search results panel.

    Close Keychain Access. Restart Safari.

    Go to your Hotmail page. Enter your User Name and Password. Answer "yes" in the password panel. Log-out of Hotmail. Then, go back to the log-in screen. Your password/user name ought to now appear automatically. Do the same for your second user account.
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    G'day Starman.

    Thanks for your reply mate. Well I did both of those suggestions you mentioned and it did work to a certain degree. I guess I may have not realised that this issue may just be Macs in general or not have elaborated enough but what I noticed with PC's is that when you go to the login page for hotmail you will see maybe 3 or 4 accounts to choose from if that many people have accessed their accounts through that computer. But on my login screen I get only ever 1 account show up then when I try to sign in with another account I have to always type in that address. Painfully. I know this may seem trivial but it does get rather annoying. Is that what you understood from my question? And if not is there a solution to this problem?

    Thanks heaps mate.