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My Touch was acting funny today by causing me to not be able to change my volume. The problem went away this afternoon, but re-occurred tonight and wouldn't go away. So I tried restoring and after the software was updated iTunes gave me an error 1602 message that said it couldn't be restored. Now iTunes doesn't even recognize the device and the screen on my Touch shows the computer end of the USB cord with an arrow pointing to the iTunes logo. I did not check for updates on my iTunes before doing the restore, but am in the process of downloading the latest version of iTunes (8.1.1).

Also, can someone tell me how to deal with my volume not being able to change in the future? Is it as simple as doing a soft reset by holding down the home button and sleep button at the same time? I tried going into settings -> music -> volume control and that didn't do anything.

This was purchased in early March 2009 and already it is giving me problems... Help needed. Thanks.

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