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My soon to be ex husband decided to put his face as cover art in iTunes. I was able to remove the album art from some individual songs but not from iTunes itself. I upgraded this past weekend to an Classic and was deleting some items from my iTunes library when I slipped and clicked on "Get cover art." Since I'm still a newbie with iTunes, i didn't give it a thought until I ejected my new iPod and saw his face floating at the side of the iPod window and on every album cover!!!! I successfully removed him from the albums but cannot for the life of me remove him as a display picture on my iPod nor can I remove him from iTunes altogether! Help! I will be so unhappy if I have to see his face all day!

Windows Vista, 120 GB Classic iPod
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    Well seeing as I see many posts unanswered and not being a tech at itunes yet, I have a couple of ideas you can try.
    I think to remove the artwork from songs you can just uncheck the artwork box in the Get Info box you get by right-clicking on songs in itunes.
    Seeing as to upload artwork for more than one file at the same time you select as many tracks as you want and then double-click on the artwork box in the Get info window, you may be able to select all the songs in itunes and then uncheck the artwork box and accomplish what you want.
    As for the ipod, maybe you have to remove the artwork in the same way I explained, but while browsing the ipod with itunes. So you hook up the ipod to the pc and wait for itunes to access its content, and then select all the tracks in the ipod and remove the artwork.
    Let me know if that's what you've already tried to do, would be nice if I could help someone
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    *Rebuild artwork cache*
    Sometimes the artwork cache becomes corrupt and fails to show correct artwork, even when this is properly set up in iTunes *or holds out of date preview images!*. To rebuild the artwork cache, connect your iPod to iTunes. Locate the iPod in the Sources pane on the left-hand side, then select the Music tab. Remove the tick from *Display album artwork on your iPod*, sync the iPod, reselect the option & sync again.

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    How do you sync the ipod? Doesn't the syncing begin automatically as soon as you plug it in?
  • turingtest2 Level 9 (68,839 points)
    There's a button on the Summary tab. My personal preference is also to *Disable automatic syncing for iPhones and iPods* on the *Preferences > Devices* tab so that I can make changes to my syncing options before the process starts.

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    Here's what I've done prior to coming to this site: I hooked up the iPod to the computer. Chose my device's music then proceded to delete artwork on my iPod first hoping that this would also remove the picture of my husband that appears when I turn on my iPod to use it. His picture is floating to the right of the menu on my iPod. Then when that didn't work I removed all of the songs, restored the iPod to it's factory settings then individually selected each song to load and checked for cover art. When I had all the cover art gone from each album I was happy cuz the cover flow was at default cover art. To my dismay, my husband's picture is still floating to the right of the menu on my iPod's window.

    I figured I should remove the picture from my iTunes at the source....on the computer. I have tried all sorts of stuff with no success. I even went to my pictures on my computer and loaded some on my iPod trying to see if I was going to open an option that would show me how to remove his picture from iTunes. Nothing has worked. I really don't want to wipe all of iTunes out and start from scratch I know I would lose some songs that I cannot replace.

    I appreciate everyone's help so far. Hopefully, a solution will present itself soon.
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    Frustration: this is decidedly an interesting post. I suspect patience will be required as we all work to narrow things and rule out what it is not. I would not be so hasty to delete the itunes library +en masse+ just yet. You wrote:

    {quote} I successfully removed him from the albums but cannot for the life of me remove him as a display picture on my iPod nor can I remove him from iTunes altogether! {quote}

    Is it possible non-album art photos are being imported to your iPod? Try this: connect your ipod to synch with your computer. After it comes up in the iTunes source (left) pane, then, in the right main pane, find the photo tab and select it. See if anything is checked to synch (or not) and report back.
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    Delete the Album Artwork folder inside the iTunes folder.

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    Where do I find the iTunes folder where the Album Art work folder will be?

    I'm going to try this first then proceed to the next step. My intention is not to delete everything in my iTunes library. It is to remove my husband's picture from iTunes and my iPod. This step seems simple enough.
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    What model ipod is this?
  • FrustrationAbounds Level 1 (0 points)

    I just bought the 120GB iPod Classic this past weekend.

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    See if there's anything in this 'ipod photo Cache' folder.
    Since you restored your ipod, I doubt that is theproblem.

    I did some looking around, and I agree with tt2 - delete the Album Artwork folder. Since you've already gotten rid of all cover art, it won't matter. Eject your ipod. Close itunes. Then go delete the folder. Then clear the recycle bin. Restart itunes, sync your ipod, and it should be gone.

    The default location on XP is
    C:\Documents and Settings\[your username]\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\Album Artwork

    On Vista, it is
    C:\Users\[your username]\Music\iTunes\Album Artwork
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    Katrina & tt2,

    There is no photo folder visible. The only pictures I put onto my iPod were some nature photos. I do not see a photo file folder anywhere. I do not know how my husband got the picture of himself as cover art. I went through the process of loading some generic pics onto the iPod to see what the deal was did not see an option to use a pic as cover art or as a display pic.

    He had an iPod classic and I had a 2GB nano so all of these things were done prior to me getting into iTunes for myself until he left nearly a year ago. I have iTunes 8. Still frustrated as all of you have great suggestions but when I look at iTunes to do the suggestions, cannot find what I need.

    I still appreciate everyone's input. I know it is going to be resolved.

  • Katrina S. Level 7 (24,095 points)
    Ahh - if you do have photos on your ipod, maybe that is it.
    What directory holds these photos on your PC?

    I think you posted that you restored the ipod to factory settings and the unwanted photo was gone.
    Why not restore it again and only sync your music - does the photo still show up?
  • turingtest2 Level 9 (68,839 points)
    Let's have another go...

    Any audio file in your iTunes library has the potential to hold one or more pieces of artwork. This includes items classed as Music, Podcasts or Audiobooks. Every image in these files has the potential to show in the iPod preview panel.

    Your options are to delete every piece of art from every file or systematiclly clean only those tracks that contain the offending image.

    The first option is simple - select all tracks in Music with CTRL-A, "Get Info" with CTRL-G, select the Info tab, place a check mark in the box next to the Artwork square and click OK. This will remove all artwork from every track. Repeat for Podcasts & Audiobooks.

    If there is artwork you'd like to keep then do the same thing, but selecting only albums with the problem image. The potential drawback with this approach would be that it could be possible for the image to survive embedded in a tag as one of multiple images. Depending on the build of iTunes it shows either the first of the last of any group of multiple images and for each album normally the shows art from the first track that has it. This leave pleny of scope for hidden copies. Setting the artwork panel to show the selected item and scanning track by track testing for multiple images may prove rather time consuming.

    Once you are certain that all art has been removed from all tags it might still be worth deleting the iTunes artwork cache as I briefly alluded to earlier. This cache is stored in a folder called *Album Artwork*, usually in the same place as your iTunes Library files.

    Katrina has already mentioned that the usual locaion for Vista is C:\Users\[your username]\Music\iTunes\Album Artwork. If it's not there use *Edit > Preferences > Advanced* tab to work out where your music folder is. Album Artwork will typically be in the same folder as the one containing the iTunes Music folder. If you still can't find it use the Windows Find/Search tools to find all folder calleds Album Artwork on your computer.

    Moving onto the iPod and rebuilding the artwork cache on that. Connect your iPod to iTunes. Locate the iPod in the Sources pane on the left-hand side, then select the Music tab. Remove the tick from Display album artwork on your iPod, sync the iPod, reselect the option & sync again. If this doesn't work then restoring the iPod should.

    Best of luck,

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