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William Stuller Level 1 Level 1
When I try to play a regular feature film dvd on my iMac, It spins a little, and I hear this chirping from inside. Then, it spits the dvd back out. It plays all other disks and audio cd's fine, just not dvd's.
  • Donald Morgan Level 6 Level 6
    William, Try shutting off your computer for a few minutes..
    Now after you restart your computer go to Mac HD and double click and then to Applications and double click, scroll down to DVD Player and double click and don't touch anything. When the black screen opens then put your commercial DVD in and don't touch anything and it should start playing...
    Good Luck....Don
  • Gerry Cashwell Level 1 Level 1
    As far as I know, unless you have the Superdrive Model of iMac G4 you cannot watch DVDs. Only Quicktime and Media Player for mac. If you find out different PLEASE let me know.
  • William Stuller Level 1 Level 1
    I'm guessing your right. I'll check Apple's archived products spec sheet, but I can play everything EXCEPT dvds. I still don't know why it says CD-RW/DVD-ROM.
  • Gerry Cashwell Level 1 Level 1
    CD-RW/DVD-ROM is just a universal thing but they don't tell you you need the Superdrive to watch DVDs and DVD-RW is to burn DVD-rewritable disc. You can burn CD-Rs and CD-RW.
  • William Stuller Level 1 Level 1
    Aah..ok. Well, that would explain it. So does this mean that if I buy a copy of Tiger and it's on dvds, that i cannot use it?
  • Gerry Cashwell Level 1 Level 1
    Tiger should be on a CD-Rom like all OS X CD-Roms.
  • Jimbot Winski Level 1 Level 1
    From the Apple Menu, go to About this Mac. Click on "More Info" and under Hardware, click on Disk Burning. It should tell you if you can read DVDs:


    Firmware Revision:     A13b
    Interconnect:     ATAPI
    Burn Support:     Yes (Apple Shipped/Supported)
    Cache:     8192 KB
    Reads DVD:     Yes
    CD-Write:     -R, -RW
    DVD-Write:     -R, -RW
    Burn Underrun Protection CD:     Yes
    Burn Underrun Protection DVD:     Yes
    Write Strategies:     CD-TAO, CD-SAO, DVD-DAO
    Media:     No
  • William Stuller Level 1 Level 1
    Well, I called the people, and they had an identical iMac at their store still, and it played dvd's fine. So, the Combo drive is busted. I'm taking it in today to get it fixed. I have to use windows until monday... >:O
  • Jimbot Winski Level 1 Level 1
    Y'know, I don't think that Gerry is right. DVD-ROM can play DVDs. A Super Drive is only needed to WRITE DVDs. Gerry doesn't even sound like he's sure on this, so I did some searches & it looks like he's wrong. Anyone want to give some absolutely positive info on this, please?
  • Will : Hi ! Level 5 Level 5
    Gerry, a Combo drive will play DVDs, but not write to them. That's why it's called Combodrive : read CDs and DVDs, burn CDs. CD-RW/DVD-ROM isn't a universal thing, if a drive says DVD-ROM, then it will play DVDs.

    Tiger comes on a DVD-ROM, unlike previous versions of OS X. However, if you have an older Mac, you can send them the DVD back and they will send you several CDs for about 10 bucks I think.
  • SidWese Level 1 Level 1
    I am experiencing the same problem with a combo drive. What happened when you took it to the store?