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Ok, yesterday I went to the Genius Bar to get my defective USB cable (for iPhone) replaced, but they didn't have any in stock. They are going to give me one, but I have to wait a couple days. Is there anything else I can use/do to charge my phone because, I really need it right now and it has low battery.

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    You need a USB cable with a dock connector. If you also have an iPod with a USB dock connector cable, you can use it.

    If you don't have a USB dock connector cable available, and you don't have a friend or family member with an extra that you can borrow for a couple days, you will need to purchase one - I believe it costs $20.
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    * Any USB iPod Cable. Doesn't matter which to use. You can even use a very old one that still works.
    * A/C based USB iPod Adapter. Charges iPods and iPhones.
    * Car charger.
    * Battery Packs from Griffin Technology or Monster Mobile.