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Itunes sees my Ipod shuffle but won't play its songs. This is new; I've been playing them previously. It plays songs from the other folders but clicking on the play button is unresponsive for the shuffle. I've checked the connections and changed USB ports -- same result. Help?

HP Pavilion laptop, Windows Vista
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    Are you selecting a track in the Contents tab and clicking on the Play button in iTunes? Mine works like that (iTunes 8.1.1)
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    Yes, that's how it used to work. It just started failing about 10 days ago.
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    I just checked out the comments about Ipod Shuffle on apple.com and found a LOT of complaints about the dock. One person said he had to push down hard on the shuffle to get Itunes to see it. I tried the pushing down and that works -- now I can play the shuffle tunes again.

    Looks like the Apple engineers didn't do the best job on the shuffle dock.
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    I am having the same problem also... It seems to have started since updating itunes during one of the latest updates. It also won't allow me to select all files in my shuffle and then paste them into a playlist... Anyone have any solutions... It is not my dock... I have two different docks and two ipod shuffles and both respond the same...
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    I don't have a solution, just wanted to commiserate. I noticed I was having the same problem today.
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    I am having the same problem. Lots of goofy stuff has started happening since I got itunes 8.2. Lock ups, slow performance etc. Tried restoring and nuttin changes. Apple will not acknowledge any known problems with 8.2 but I will.