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I use a maxtor external hard drive for my music storage(f:itunes) with 7000 songs on it. My Itunes library all of a sudden stopped locating the files. Through forum posts, I used advanced/change file location to f:itunes, and the only way I could hear the songs was to open the f drive and individually click on each file.
I thought using library/consolidate library would solve this problem, now I have 2 or 3 copies of each song. Some of them play (with Fdrive connected) while others still show the cannot locate source message. When I tried a few songs I deleted the ones that would not play when clicked on, while keeping the ones that did. After deleting, the original ones now won't play.
How do I get my original set up to work, with Itunes library on my laptop to only display 1 track not 2 or 3, and play from the source files contained on my external HD? The other puzzling thing is when I connect my external drive, the prompt that asks what you want to do with the Maxtor displays a "F:\ access denied" message. Is this the main cause of my issues?

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