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Hi all,

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, this is my first time on the forums here.

I currently have two Apple IDs, one used for iTunes and one I accidentally signed up for that is attached to iTunes as well. The first account is under an e-mail address that will expire soon (school address) and the second is my actual full e-mail. The problem is that I have bought everything on the e-mail that will expire soon. I was going to change the e-mail address associated with it, but that is how I found out that I already used my actual e-mail on another ID, thus I cannot change the e-mail address on my main account to my real address.

I know so far there is no way to delete an ID, so I was thinking of just switching over to the account I created with my actual e-mail, but what would happen to the things I bought? I am worried that I may lose a program and I will not be able to download it again. Is there any way to merge two accounts or any other suggestions? Sorry if this was a bit confusing.

Windows XP