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I have a purchased iPhone app that just updated and I want to go back to the version before the update. I believe the earlier version is in iTunes on my Powerbook as a result of earlier sync (before the update). I deleted the updated app from the iPhone and was hoping that a re-sync would push down the older app onto the phone. Didn't work.

Surely there is a way to do this?? Re-downloading from the App Store will get me the latest version.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.5.5), 1 GHz PPC 2 GB RAM 80GB HD 32GB SSD
  • r.cloud Level 3 Level 3
    Normally if you had the old version on your computer and deleted the updated version from your iPhone (assuming you had downloaded the update straight to the iPhone and hadn't synced with your computer since) it should then bring down the previous version. If this didn't work you could try to restore from an iPhone backup from prior to the app being updated. this should contain the old app data. Just for interests sake why are you looking at downgrading it? If this doesn't work i'm guessing your a bit stuffed and i'm only going on theory here as i've never found myself in need of downgrading
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    Yes, the undesired update went straight to the iPhone; what's on the notebook in iTunes is from a sync/backup before the app update. I, too, thought deleting from the iPhone would bring it back down from iTunes (it's checked in iTunes). But I must be doing something wrong.

    As for "why", this is the CraigsListMobile app, purchased for $2.99 months ago. In the most recent update they sneaked in removing the ability to view the personals and adult material using the app. Really ticks me off - those sections are why I bought such an app to begin with. This indirect censorship by Apple bugs me. What's next, are they going to block CraigsList personals from Safari???

    Can you help further with the restore question? Thanks.
  • r.cloud Level 3 Level 3
    Just follow these intructions to restore from a backup