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I am attempting to run a DVD within a keynote presentation. Using Automator I built a script to Stop the current Keynote presentation, Start the DVD, and then upon ending the DVD return to a designated slide. I seem unable to insert the workflow or a trigger within the presentation. Since the Automator has Keynote options, it seems like there should be a way. All ideas appreciated.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    Are you asking for an object in the KN presentation that will start the automator script? If so, I do not think this is possible. The only links that can be made to are other slides, other slides in other KN files, web pages and auto-generated emails.

    Incidentally it is not imperative that you stop the KN slideshow to present the DVD they can both Keynote and Front Row or your player app can be Open Applications. Cmd-[Shift]-Tab to scroll current application list.
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    Thanks for the feedback. It seems odd that Automator has a "stop slideshow" option that cannot be triggered within the presentation. I didn't know about the SHIFT-COMMAND-TAB option; I tend to simply use the COMMAND-TAB to shift between running programs.
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    Generally a Cmd-Tab will get you to the last used application. With KN linking to a Browser it levels the app stack in a different order and so Cmd-Sft-Tab, which cycles the opposite direction, get's you home in one keystroke (as opposed to 10 if you have 10 apps open).

    Shift-Tab cycles the opposite direction in most applications that use tabbed Dialogue entry boxes.

    'Stop slideshow' is like pressing "Esc" key when within a presentation. Is that what you mean by triggered within or are you talking about scripting/automating?