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Third party cookies are being loaded even when deselected. Cookies from previously visited sites are being loaded even after cookies are cleared.

Gateway LX6810-01, Windows Vista, Wish it were a Mac!
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    Sorry to sound so curt. First of all, hearty greetings to each of you. I am new with computers (just got this one after a decade hiatus), used to be a Mac user (first 'puter was a G3, state of the art back then), became disabled and poor, back in school now and hope to be among the working soon. Anyway, I did have a question about the cookies as previously stated, and if any of you can help, I'd be very appreciative.
    Thanks in advance!
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    What version of Safari for Windows are you using? Safari 4.0 for windows ought to have solved the cookies issues (especially the failure to remove deleted cookies one). Could you give me some some steps for reproduction?
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    First, thank you for your response. It is much appreciated. I'm using the v4.0, which I guess is the beta(?) When I go to security tab under Preferences (Edit), press show cookies, there is always a number of them, even though I'm not surfing anywhere, i.e., Google, Apple, etc, (some that I am sure are network advertising). I don't even go to those sites, and I've got their cookies loaded into the browser. Then it takes about 20 to 30 attempts to dislodge them, sometimes more, occasionally less. I don't understand it. Any assistance you could give I would be most grateful for. Thanks in advance.
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    I'm pretty sure Safari will accept cookies from Google just by your typing text into the search field. As for Apple, have you changed your default home page? If your homepage points to livepage.apple.com (as is the default I think), then you'll get Apple cookies. I'm not sure what you mean by 'takes 20 or 30 attempts to dislodge them'... Do you mean that when you delete them via Safari's preferences, they come right back? do they not disappear at all? Do you delete them, quit Safari, restart Safari and they have appeared again?

    Please make sure you've installed the Security Update 2009-01 on top of 10.5.6, several fixes to this area were made and cookies behave much more rationally when you've got two or more web aware applications running simultaneously.
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    First, thanx for replying. I don't have to do anything for Safari to collect cookies. It sits idle, no surfing, no activity, and cookies are loaded. Even when the cookies are deleted, no surfing, no activity, sitting idle, cookies get loaded. When I try to delete cookies (edit> preferences> security> show cookies> delete cookies), I must repeatedly go through the procedure of selecting delete all> are you sure you want to delete all cookies?>, I must repeatedly do that, as much as 50-60 times before it will finally delete cookies. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit on a Gateway LX4810-01. Thanks for any and all assistance!
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    So you're saying that if you set your home page to an empty page (New windows open with empty page, new tabs open with empty page, homepage = <blank text field> in Safari's preferences) and you select the Reset Safari menu item from Safari's menu that you see cookies?

    Do you have any RSS subscriptions? Those use http and thus could cause you to get cookies. If you really wish to disable cookies, there is check box in the Safari Preferences that will set the cookie policy to never accept. I would be quite surprised if that failed to keep the cookies out.
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    I finally found the "Reset Safari" option (edit > reset safari) This option allows to clear all desired information, and gives choices as to which parameters you want cleared. DUH!!! I feel somewhat foolish not to have realized this before now, but as I stated in my original post, I am relatively new to computers. I wish to thank the invaluable and unflagging assistance of NP Complete, who was kind enough to continue to assist me through this issue, even going so far as to e-mail me. Thank you, NP. I finally got it.
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    I think I can confirm the behavior being described. I might use different words to describe what I saw.

    We have reverse proxy we are working on, not a forward proxy to be used by the browser. As such, we were doing various testing and were dumping out the HTTP headers being sent from various clients (firefox, cURL, safari, ie). When I was using Safari4, I would get cookies passed along that belonged to a different domain. This cookie was from accoona.com and was being passed to an internal server from a domain having nothing to do with accoona.com. I deleted the selected cookie in Safari4 and it was still being passed. At one time, it even seemed like the accoona cookie was recreated. I did not return to accoona.com during this testing. I deleted the cookie again and then quit Safari. This time, when I watched the headers being passed to my server, it was from a different cookie (gmail). This behavior repeated itself until I restarted the computer running Safari4.

    Is there something erratic about the cookie behavior in Safari4 for unmatched domains?