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I have a 2006 Intel C2D iMac and I have a SuperDuper Clone of that system. As I move to a new iMac, am I better off using migration assistant or restoring from the SuperDuper Clone of my existing system. I'm using all Intel based programs.

If anyone has experience with this and can help me understand the pros and cons, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

20" iMac Core Duo 2GHZ, 2GB RAM and Macbook 2GHZ, 2GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.5.6), 120GB, 160GB & 80GB Classic (Black); Nano 4GB, Shure E4C & Apple In-Ear
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    The only potential problem that I see with a clone, other than importing existing unseen issues, is that Apple states that even though two versions of Mac OS X may be the same for appearances, even to the same build number, they may not be.

    You new Mac may have software in its OS that is specific to that build and model that is lacking in your older Mac.
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    If you do a migrate, you can migrate from the SuperDuper Clone.
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    If you are using using Migration Assistant, one of the options for the source (the FROM ) is

    +From a Time Machine backup or other disk+

    Your clone would be the +other disk+.
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    I have a white MacBook from 2007 that came pre installed with Tiger. I then upgraded to Leopard. I would like to install Tiger on one partition and have my already existing Leopard on the other partition. Do you think it is possible that I could use my restore DVDs, create a partition for Tiger, and install Tiger without effecting anything on the Leopard partition? Also, could you please write the steps to do this? I do not want to make a mistake and delete all of my files on the Leopard partition.
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    I just purchased a new iMac 24" a couple of weeks ago because my 2005 model kept shutting down on its own. Suspect a logic board or power supply problem (these were both replaced once in late 2005). I took both my old iMac and a Super Duper clone with me to the Apple store for them to migrate my data to the new machine. My old Mac wouldn't stay up long enough for them to do the migration so they used the clone. Worked perfect. My new iMac has all my old data, pictures, forms, and iTune music. I still had Panther on the old machine so I'm still getting used to Leopard.

    Good luck with yours....virg
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    You should not attempt something like that unless you have backed up your data. Disk Utility in Leopard can add a partition without reformatting the whole drive, but you need to have a backup just in case something bad happens.

    To do a backup, you should get an external drive that is at least as large as the internal drive of the MacBook. Use a cloning utility (Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper) to create a bootable duplicate of the internal drive on the external drive. Then restart from the external drive so you can repartition the internal drive as desired using Disk Utility.