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Hi there,

I'm facing a very serious issue with MacBook Pro Unibody running MS Vista under Boot Camp: using the Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter to hook a projector is 95% impossible because the only resolution available is 640x480 or sometimes 800x600. No solution came from the adaptor firmware update, still same behavior: connecting the external projector/monitor toggles 640x480 resolution with no more choices available. Just 5% of attempts on selected projectors gave me access to the complete resolutions list.

This is having a serious impact on my job where I do need both Mac&Windows running natively and with external display capabilities, please I'm looking for some feedback from users facing the same problem or someone who had an official answer on this issue from Apple. Do avoid posting about using modded display drivers please: I know they exist but the adaptor should be working with original ones.

I can understand Apple does not support MS Vista issues but this seems to be a hardware/driver one.

I'd like to point out I'm using a clean Vista installation with Apple drivers (from the Leopard DVD) and I've run Vista (same version, same gfx drivers etc) under Boot Camp on my previous MPB (with integrated DVI output+adapter) on hundreds of different projectors with never a single problem.

Any feedback is really appreciated.

MacBook Pro Unibody, Mac OS X (10.5.6), Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter
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